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Faculty Research and Scholarship

Burger, J., Valadares, K. (2015). Online Interprofessional Education. Podium Presentation at AACN Baccalaureate Education Conference.

Delp, Jody & Reed, Martin (2013) “Improving Health Professional Education by Using Interprofessional Simulation Training: An Introductory Project.” Presented at the Inter-Professional Education: Learning Together, Working Together 18th Annual Nursing and Health Professions Educator Conference, University of Southern Indiana.-podium

Delp, J., Butler, R., DeCoster, V., Evans, J., Schaar, G., Swenty, C. (2016) “Leading Collaborative Practice:  A TeamSTEPPS® Centered Interprofessional Clinical Model.” Presented at 2016 TeamSTEPPS National Conference.-poster and podium

Hoehn, G., Phillips, E., Reed, M., Schmitt, T. Swenty, D., Titzer, J., & Williams, B. Multidiscipline Simulation as an Interprofessional Teaching Strategy. Poster Presentation. University of Southern Indiana. Evansville, IN.

Kinner, T., Ostendorf, M., Thomas, P., Arvin M.K., Schmuck, H., Delp, J., Phy, W., Peak, K., and Titzer, J. (2015) “Interprofessional Simulation: TeamSTEPPS™ and Cardiac Arrest Simulation.” Abstract and Poster posted in the Sigma Theta Tau International Repository. 

Kalb, E., Metzger R. (2016). First Time Around: Opening the Door to Interprofessional Education. Poster Presentation, Indiana Center for Nursing Interprofessional Education Conference.

Kinner, T., Ostendorf, M., Thomas, P., and Arvin M.K., Schmuck, H., Delp, J., Thompson, C., and Titzer, J. (2014) “Interprofessional Simulation: Overcoming Barriers to Success.” Presented at Armstrong 2014 InterProfessional Health Care Summit.- podium

Kalb, E., Metzger, R. (2015). Introducing Students to Interprofessional Teamwork: Advice for Fellow Neophytes. Poster Presentation, Collaborating Across Borders Conference.

Ostendorf, M., Kinner, T., Thomas, P., Arvin M.K., Schmuck, H., Delp, J., Phy, W., and Titzer, J. (2014) “TeamSTEPPS™: Enhancing Interprofessional Simulation Performance.” Presented at Armstrong 2014 InterProfessional Health Care Summit.- podium

Seibert, S., Coan, L., Holt, E., Reddington, A., Stroud, A. & Cassel, L.2016 Indiana Interprofessional Education and Practice Conference. Sponsored by the Indiana Center for Nursing. IUPUI Campus Center, Indianapolis, IN. Poster Presentation: Dental hygiene and nursing students: Opportunities to influence in-patient oral health outcomes. 

Swenty, C., Butler, R., Delp, J., Schaar, G., Titzer, J. (2015) “University of Southern Indiana Interprofessional Collaborative Care Model.” Presented at Interprofessional Education Collaborative 2015 Spring Institute.-podium.

Titzer, J. L., Swenty, C. F., Hoehn, W. G. (2012, October). An interprofessional simulation promoting collaboration and problem solving among nursing and allied health professional students. Clinical Simulation in Nursing (Available to authorized USI users through David L. Rice Library). 

Young, B, Langley, J. (2014). A Multidisciplinary Student Experiential Learning Activity Evaluating the Fitness and Nutritional Practices of a Professional Ice Hockey Team. Poster Presentation, Sports,Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutrition National Symposium.

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