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2017 Health Informatics Tri-State Summit

4th Annual Health Informatics Tri-State Summit
October 12, 2017 8 AM-4:15 PM, USI University Center

USI once again played host to the Health Informatics Tri-State Summit, a one-day conference that focuses on cutting-edge health information and innovative solutions needed to take healthcare delivery to the next level. The theme of the 2017 Conference was “Targeting the Quadruple Aim: Experience, Quality, Satisfaction and Cost Reduction.”

Through insightful discussions and engaging presentations, leading experts shared emerging trends in healthcare information technology.  Health care professionals from many cities and sectors traveled to Evansville to take in the events, and many USI students were on-hand to share their thoughts and absorb some great speaking.  The program was very well-attended by physicians, nurses, pharmacists, informaticists, health information technologists, medical practice managers, healthcare managers, health professionals, students and others whose scope of practice is related to health informatics.

The keynote presenter was Matt Jones, an inspirational speaker who presented “Health Informatics is a Marathon.”  Matt’s birthday was the day of the conference, October 12. Fifteen years ago, Matt was diagnosed with cancer and doctors did not think he would live. Celebrating his birthday at the conference was so special to many of us. He did a wonderful job of setting a positive mood for the day and getting all of those in attendance ready to attack the next obstacle in both their professional and personal lives.  The birthday man shared stories from his life with the audience and provided us with great words of wisdom, like “Circumstance + Perception = Reality” and how to “Lighten Up, not Tighten Up.”  He even provided complimentary copies of his book to some of the quicker conference-goers! 

For the plenary session, we hurried back to Carter Hall where Brian Malec presented “Needs, Opportunities and Pathways for the Health Information Technology Workforce.”  Visiting us all the way from Cal State Northridge, Brian explored the future workforce staff challenges facing health care organizations, including staffing, business drivers and academic preparation.

Between each Carter Hall session were concurrent sessions in neighboring conference rooms, each with their own interesting presentations as well.  Kathy Nieder did two sessions, including “Patient Access to Data,” which identified how health informatics technology can be a facilitator in the process to empower patients to access their medical data.  Brian O’Hara also presented two sessions, with both of them centered around protection of data in the healthcare world.  Not to be forgotten, Justin Morea, Amanda Bohleber, Allison Flowers, Mark Robbins and Todd Plesko all contributed to the conference with concurrent sessions that proved to be extremely interesting and informative.

Our good friend Ross Martin, renowned international speaker and songwriter presenting “Adventures in Health Information Exchange: The Musical!” closed the day out with a fun and interactive final session.  The “World’s Leading Medical Informatimusicologist” debuted the music video for his song “DigituRN” and shared his thoughts on some pressing healthcare issues.  Additionally, he opened the period with a powerful speech which got the attention of many, and brought tears to the eyes of some.  You can check out Ross' website for The American College of Medical Informatimusicology by clicking the link here.

The USI Health Informatics Program would like to thank everyone who attended the 4th Annual Health Informatics Tri-State Summit.  The event continues to grow and that is due to the tremendous commitment made by the health informatics professionals and students that take the time out of their busy schedules to attend.  So thank you!

See you next year in October 2018 for the 5th Annual Health Informatics Tri-State Summit! Now go out and make a change!

October 20, 2017 -- By Gabriela Mustata Wilson and Tanner Watkins

About our Keynote Speakers
Matt Jones, BA, MLS
Matt is a cancer survivor who is passionate about enhancing the patient experience in health care.  He is committed to delivering strategies to help organizations thrive in the midst of adversity.  Matt holds a BA in communication, MLS in liberal studies with an emphasis in organizational leadership, and is pursuing his doctorate in organizational leadership.  He will kick off our 2017 HITS conference on October 12 with his presentation from 8:15-9:15 AM titled Health Informatics is a Marathon.

Brian Malec, PhD
Brian is the graduate program coordinator of the Master of Science in Health Administration program at Cal State Northridge.  Dr. Malec is a frequent presenter and/or moderator at national and international conferences including HIMSS, HIMSS Europe, HIMSS AsiaPacific and AUPHA.  He also is the leader of the AUPHA Academic Forum, which presents faculty research papers each year at HIMSS.  He has recently written and edited a book, Careers in Health Information Technology.  You can see Brian present from 10:45-11:45 AM as he discusses Needs, Opportunities and Pathways for the Health Information Technology Workforce.

Ross Martin, MD, MHA
Ross is the program director for Research and Transformation at CRISP, the regional health information exchange serving Maryland, the District of Columbia, West Virginia and the surrounding region.  He has served in numerous health information technology standards development and advocacy organizations in addition to participating in the Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS).  As an accomplished vocalist, musician and writer, Dr. Martin is also president and founder of The American College of Medical Informatimusicology.  Ross will wrap things up for us on October 12 by presenting Adventures in Health Information Exchange: The Musical! which will run from 3:15-4:15 PM to close the day.

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