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Faculty Mentoring

What is Faculty Mentoring? 

Mentoring relates to all faculty working toward their career development goals.

Fundamental Goals of Faculty Mentoring are to:

  • Guide clinical track faculty seeking promotion and tenure track faculty seeking tenure
  • Inspire faculty to refine and advance their teaching methods
  • Nurture effective skills and strategies to advance scholarship activities
  • Support faculty in achieving a balance between teaching, scholarship, advising and service
  • Foster an atmosphere of collegiality and community

Update on Faculty Mentoring Workshop

Images below are courtesy of Dr. Marilyn Smith-Stoner, PhD, RN, Professor Emeritus, of California State University in San Bernardino ( She facilitated a workshop titled "Appreciative Inquiry: Meaning and Momentum in Faculty Role" for the College of Nursing and Health Professions on May 11, 2015. Click on the images below to read the text.

Web -example -of -ladder Web -AI-Workshop -Follow -up

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Mentor Search

The College of Nursing and Health Professions Faculty Mentoring program offers mentorship to faculty in the following areas:

  • Advising
  • Scholarship
  • Service
  • Teaching

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