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Thesis or Capstone Project Reports

Links below are to documents and forms with instructions on how to write a thesis or capstone project report to fulfill graduation requirements for a graduate program at the University of Southern Indiana and how and when to submit the thesis/report and the required forms to the Graduate Studies Office for formal approval and acceptance. 

MA thesis documents are used primarily by the MALS program.  MS documents are used primarily by the MSIM program.  The remaining forms are for all programs requiring thesis/capstone projects.  

  1. MA Thesis Guidelines 
  2. MA Thesis Sample Pages 
  3. MS Thesis Guidelines 
  4. MS Thesis Sample Pages 
  5. Procedures for submitting a thesis/project report and Mechanics of the Thesis or Capstone Project Submission and Approval 
  6. Thesis Review Contact Form 
  7. Thesis Routing Form 



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