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Vehicle Reservation FAQs

Why should I rent through USI instead of renting a vehicle on my own?
When you rent through USI, your department saves quite a bit of money by getting our own special discount. We also save you the hassle of having to go through the rental company yourself.

Do I need a Travel Authorization to rent a vehicle?
It really depends on where you are going. If the trip is local (within a total of 50 miles round trip) and no cost, then you will just need to fill out a Risk Management field trip form. If travelling to your destination and back will be more than 50 miles or the trip involves students & costs, you will need to fill out a Travel Authorization. Be sure to choose "Driver of a USI rental" and request your reservation here.

I filled out a Travel Authorization form and submitted it. Why do I not have a vehicle already reserved?
Filling out a Travel Authorization form is a necessary part in your trip planning process. However, we are a completely separate department from Travel. Each department/traveler has to make their own vehicle reservation request and have the fiscal agent approve it before we can send the information off to the rental agency. If a request has not been submitted, done within a reasonable amount of time, or copied to the department's fiscal agent, we cannot guarantee that we have received the appropriate information or will be able to have a rental vehicle waiting for you. Please keep this in mind when planning your travel or making your reservations.

How much will my reservation cost?
To calculate your costs, please go to the rental rates page. It is best to estimate the highest cost due to all of the variables that can come into play.

How far in advance should I make my rental?
At least a week in advanced is preferred for rental requests so we can guarantee you a rental vehicle. If you make it a couple days beforehand, we may not be able to provide you with a vehicle. Please be sure you have received a confirmation before expecting a vehicle to be waiting. If your fiscal agent has not forwarded you the confirmation, feel free to call (812-464-1700) and double check.

How far in advance should I cancel my rental?
We need a minimum notice of 24 business hours in advance to notify the company and avoid charges. If a customer makes a cancellation the day of/hours before their rental or just does not pick it up in general, the department will still be charged.

When can I pick up my car?
Rental cars may be picked up at the start time requested on the reservation. No early arrivals will be permitted. Early or late arrivals may increase your charges and/or be turned away.

When do I have to return my rental vehicle?
Rental vehicles must be returned at the end time requested on the reservation. Someone else may be waiting to use the car after you. Delay in return or failure to put the keys in the designated area may result in further charging.

Where do I go to pick up my USI rented vehicle?
Vehicle reservation packets and sign off sheets are located upstairs in the main offices at the Physical Plant. See Katie Greenwell during regular office hours or go across the hall to the Control Room (open 24 hours) for early or late rentals.

What is in a vehicle rental packet?
Rental vehicle packets will include keys, gas card, trip ticket, vehicle information, rental contract, insurance information, and instructions (just in case you forget what to do).

What do I do with my vehicle rental packet?
Departure and return mileage from the odometer must be written on the highlighted portion of the trip ticket. The card provided is for gas only and will work at any gas station; just run it as credit. Any gasoline purchases require a copy of the receipt in the packet upon return. Keys for your rental vehicle are included in the packet along with the vehicle information written on the trip ticket. An accident form, certificate of insurance, and extra instructions are provided. 

If the rental packet is at the Physical Plant, where will the rental vehicle be found?
Rental vehicles are located in Lot K by the tennis courts. You may leave your personal vehicle there if you wish, but the rental vehicle must be returned to the same spot. 

Where do I return my rental vehicle, packet, and keys?
Rental vehicles are to be returned to Lot K (where you picked it up from). Rental packets and keys need to be returned to the mailboxes labeled "Packets" and "Keys" located between the Education Center and the Physical Plant on the curb of Lot H (see instructions inside of packet). This is how the rental company knows the vehicle has been officially returned and is ready to be taken back to the company. Please DO NOT take packets to the control room, office, or place them in the Fleet box directly outside of the Physical Plant door. Failure to return vehicles and packet/keys in the proper place may result in additional charges.

What condition am I expected the car to return in?
Cars need to be returned in the condition you would want to find it in. The vehicle needs to be reasonably clean for the next person renting it (which could be shortly after you return). Gas tank levels need to match (if you took it out at half full, be sure to bring it back at LEAST at half full). Be sure to double check that no personal belongings are left behind. We cannot promise you will get them back.

Who pays for speeding tickets, car washes, etc.?
Facility Operations & Planning does not cover speeding tickets, parking tickets, parking fees, toll fees, car washes, food, or personal expenses. If these charges are found on the expense report, they will be charged back to your department. Please use your personal card for these types of expenses. If receipts are kept, it is likely that travel can reimburse you for these travel expenses. Do not leave these papers in your vehicle packet.

What happens if the credit card doesn't work?
In the rare case that your gas card does not work, you may use your personal card and get reimbursed through the travel department. Make sure to save the receipts to do so.

What happens if I lost or forgot a gas receipt?
Accounts payable requires that all original receipts be uploaded and kept for credit card reconciliations. If receipts are missing, the customer is required to contact the gas station at least (3) times to obtain the missing receipt and then provide it to Vehicle Reservations before the credit card cycle closes. (Credit card cycles are usually from the 16th of the month to the 15th of month; i.e. 01/16/18 to 02/15/18.) Failure to do so may result in charges back to your department.

What happens if I find damage to the vehicle?
In the case that you stumble upon some damage, please let Vehicle Reservations know as soon as possible. If the car is not drivable, please contact the rental company immediately so that they can get you another one. You will not have to pay for damages found, but Vehicle Reservations will need to know so they can notify the rental company, fill out the proper paperwork for repair, and know not to rent it out to the next customer.

What happens if I get into an accident?
Accidents happen. If you are pulled over or get into an accident, insurance information is provided in the packet. An accident form is included for you to fill out once everything has been taken care of as well as the phone numbers to the rental agencies to provide you with another vehicle. You will not be charged for replacement vehicles.

Am I required to take a driver's training course and read the USI Fleet Policy?
Yes. Risk Management requires anybody who will drive either a campus or rental vehicle take the driver's training course. You will only have to do it one time once you have received your training certificate. Both the fleet policy and driver's training course can be found here on the Environmental Health and Safety page. 

Can people not affiliated with the University drive or ride in my rental vehicle?
Only USI affiliated people can drive or ride in the rented car. The only exception for riders are people affiliated with your conference/business trip. For further questions on this matter, please contact Risk Management at 812-464-7003.

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