University of Southern Indiana

Occupational Safety

The University has developed a number of occupational safety programs to ensure workers are afforded the protection they deserve. The programs vary according to job title and duties outlined in the employees' job description.

For example, employees working with bloodborne pathogens are required to participate in the exposure control plan. Workers who may enter confined spaces such as boilers and manholes are trained in safe entry procedures. Employees who maintain and service electrical equipment must follow lockout/tagout procedures.

Personal protective equipment is available to employees who may work with chemicals or who may be potentially exposed to hazards during material handling.

Respiratory protection is provided to employees such as painters who must first become medically evaluated and considered fit to wear a respirator.

Operators of industrial lift trucks such as forklifts must be trained and certified before operating these vehicles.

The power tool safety program is available to users of power tools throughout the University.

Operation of aerial lift machines is limited to authorized and trained operators.

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