University of Southern Indiana

Diversity Committee


Legislative Charge

The Diversity Committee of the University of Southern Indiana was created in response to House Enrolled Act 1256, authorized by the 2007 Indiana General Assembly (IC-21-27-8-7) which requires that each public institution of higher education create a diversity committee to meet this legislative mandate. This committee is charged to:

  1. Review and recommend faculty employment policies.
  2. Review faculty and administration personnel complaints concerning diversity issues.
  3. Make recommendations to promote and maintain cultural diversity among faculty members.
  4. Make recommendations to promote recruitment and retention of minority students.
  5. Issue an annual report stating the findings, conclusions, and recommendations of the committee to the board.

The University’s existing Affirmative Action Committee was adapted to meet the requirements of IC 21-27-8-7.

Committee Objectives

  1. Define the University’s vision of diversity and recommend methods to integrate that vision with existing University policies and procedures
  2. Collect information on University programs and initiatives and community resources
  3. Review University employment policies and processes and recommend improvements intended to increase hiring of diverse candidates
  4. Review University complaint policies and processes concerning diversity issues and recommend improvements
  5. Review University programs and processes, developing recommendations as appropriate for improvements to existing programs and processes and for new programs and initiatives that promote recruitment and retention of diverse students, faculty and staff
  6. Recommend methods that increase awareness of the University’s commitment to diversity
  7. Assess University diversity training and communication needs and make recommendations
  8. Develop methods to assess the University’s diversity efforts
  9. Provide Annual Reports to the University’s Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees Reports

Committee Members

Kirat Baath
Dr. Kirat Baath
Contract Assistant Professor of Biology
Assistant Professor of Medical and Molecular Genetics
Contact: 812-465-7004
Science Center 1274
Cynthia Brinker
Ms. Cynthia Brinker
Senior Vice President Emerita of Government Relations
Katherine Draughon
Dr. Katherine Draughon
Chief Data Officer
Associate Professor of Sociology
Contact: 812-465-1630
Byron C. Wright Administration Building 104E
Donna Evinger
Ms. Donna Evinger
Executive Director Emerita of Human Resources
Contact: 812-465-7001
Byron C. Wright Administration Building 102K
Douglas Goeppner
Mr Douglas Goeppner
ADA Coordinator
Adjunct - Liberal Arts
Equal Opportunity Administrator
Contact: 812-465-7101
Forum Wing, Administration Building 172
Pamela Hopson
Mrs. Pamela Hopson
Executive Director of Multicultural Center
Adjunct - Academic Skills
Contact: 812-465-7188
University Center East 1246
Ronald Rochon
Dr. Ronald Rochon
Professor of Education
Contact: 812-464-1756
Byron C. Wright Administration Building 101
Marcia Kiessling
Dr. Marcia Kiessling
Associate Provost for Student Affairs
Contact: 812-464-1757
Byron C. Wright Administration Building 104A
Rose Scruggs
Ms. Rose Scruggs
Library Web & Systems Coordinator
Contact: 812-464-1828
David L. Rice Library 3018
Joseph Uduehi
Dr. Joseph Uduehi
Associate Professor of Art Education
Contact: 812-465-1068
Arts Center 224

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