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Current Students

Request for services for subsequent semesters

Each semester current students need to stop by the Disability Resources office to complete a Request for Accommodations form. The Request form is completed on a computer in the Disability Resources office in order for you to receive your accommodation letters for the current semester.  If you are an Online Learning student please call or email us and we will send you a release to complete the form in our office for you.

Once the Request form is completed an accommodation letter will be prepared by Disability Resources staff for you to take to your professors. Letters are usually prepared when you are in the office completing the Request form but during busy times it may take up to 1 week to prepare your letters, please plan accordingly.  You are responsible for taking these letters to each of your instructors and for discussing in detail the specific accommodations and how they will be utilized in their class.

 A change to your existing accommodation plan requires a meeting with a Disability Resources Coordinator. You are responsible for scheduling this meeting. You may need to provide additional documentation to support any additions to your current accommodation plan. 

Test Accommodations

If you receive extra time on your exams as an accommodation please discuss this with each instructor. Your instructor may decide to give you extra time in the classroom or ask that you take your exams in the  DR office. If you will be taking your exams in the DR office you will need to reserve a room for the test at least 48 hours in advance. To do this you can either call or stop by the office. Prior to the exam please remind your instructor that you will be taking your exam in the DR office.

If you have scheduled a test room and need to cancel or change it please notify us as soon as possible. Also, please know that when you schedule a test time, the scheduled time is when the allowed time for your exam begins. If you arrive late you will not receive your full extended time.

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