Screagle Pride Shout Out: Andrea Wright

Andrea WrightOver the past few months, Andrea Wright, Assistant Director of Library Services, has delivered rental laptops from Rice Library to more than two dozen USI employees and students so they can continue learning and working remotely. “I’ve met quite a few folks in parking lots around town—from the west side Aldi to the Central High School football stadium,” says Wright.

While Wright handled logistics, successful deliveries wouldn’t have been possible without colleagues in Library Checkout, IT and Student Affairs, who prepped the technology and spread the word that it was available, as well as Public Safety, which facilitated laptop drop-offs on campus when off-campus deliveries were not possible.

“We reached quite a few [USI students and employees who needed laptops], mainly thanks to Andrea's willingness to collaborate on a solution,” said Marna Hostetler, Director of Rice Library.

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