Art students design pandemic memorial sculptures

The final project in Rob Millard-Mendez’s ART 104 Design in Materials course is typically to create a mask. But with students finishing the spring semester remotely, with limited or no access to tools, he changed courses. “I wanted students to be able to think big but be able to put their ideas in a form that did not require a lot of equipment,” he says.

Their new task? Design a memorial sculpture representing the doctors, nurses, EMTs and custodians serving their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. “I thought that this would be a timely theme for the project, but also one that required them to apply their knowledge of the principles of design,” says Millard-Mendez. “One of the most important learning outcomes in the class is that students learn more about how form and content interact. This project brings the core concepts of the course to life.” 

Several students agreed to share their designs and provide background on what influenced their work.

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