sign examplesCOVID-19 Signage

USI Facilities and Operations is providing COVID-19 signage templates that can be printed by any USI office area on your satellite copier/printer to be displayed throughout your office areas. Download the PDF and print the signage that is applicable to your area.

For application to surfaces and ease of removal, Facilities and Operations is providing glue dots for hanging as opposed to taping signs to surfaces. Call the Copy Center at ext.1889 to request the glue dots.

Note: Signage should be printed on 11 x 17 size paper in order to be compliant with ADA regulations. If your copier/printer cannot print on 11 x 17 paper, go to and specify on the Copy Services Request form the corresponding page number(s) of the PDF that you want to print.

Choose from 11 signage options with this downloadable pdf.


COVID-19 Floor/Door Graphics

Four floor and one door graphic options are available from USI Copy Services. To request floor/door graphics shown here for your office area, go to and specify on your Copy Services Request form the corresponding graphic number(s). Floor graphics will be charged back to your department at $8 each and the door graphic is $4.

Floor Sign 1

Floor Sign 1

Floor Sign 2

Floor Sign 2

Floor 3

Floor Sign 3

Floor 4

Floor Sign 4

Face covering required

Door Sign 1


Employee and Student COVID Training

With assistance from some of our own in-house experts, we are now providing you with a short training module, with the goal of raising your awareness of COVID-19, how it spreads and how to limit its spread, prior to our return to campus. 


Mask up USI!

Select from a variety of photos of Archie with a mask to use on your website or social media pages. 

Archie Gallery

Campus COVID Photos

A collection of photos of students in masks on campus and in class. You may use these on your website to update visuals to our Fall 2020 reality. 

View Gallery