Resources for Employees

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Questions and Concerns

We do not expect to have answered every possible question or addressed every concern. The Contact Response Team form will remain online for the foreseeable future, and the entire USI community is encouraged to use it to submit questions or concerns to a wide range of relevant departments.

Working at USI

COVID-19 Training

Employees were required to complete a short training module on COVID-19, how it spreads and how to limit its spread. To watch the slides again, you may download it now. You may also get a refresher of the information on the COVID-19 resource page. New employees will be directed to take the Training through Human Resources.

Events and Meetings

Scheduling Events

A full list of all COVID-19 Event Guidelines, including how to schedule and plan your event, is now available on the Special Events and Scheduling Services website.

Campus Meetings

The University is recommending that faculty, department, and other meetings be held virtually whenever feasible. If a meeting must be held in-person safety protocols must be in place, including physical distancing of at least six feet and face coverings. Contact Scheduling Services for room reservations if an in-person meeting is needed.

Procurement Policies

Facilities is the central purchaser of personal protective equipment (PPE) and cleaning supplies, including hand sanitizer, for the University. Departments are not to purchase their own PPE or cleaning supplies without prior approval from Procurement. New items specific for teaching in new accommodated settings, such as webcams and lip-reading masks, have been added to the Buy USI purchasing catalogs. If you are in need of personal protective equipment (PPE) special accommodations, please email Jeff Sponn, Interim Director of Procurement, or call 812-887-0551.

Specific Facility/Department Operation Plans

COVID-19 Signage and Floor Graphics

To help with the transition and to promote safety during the current pandemic, new signage has been added across campus both indoors and outdoors, promoting safe practices, indicating flow of traffic in buildings, designating where traffic is restricted and creating an expectation of physical distancing of at least six feet between people. 

USI Facilities and Operations is providing COVID-19 signage templates that can be printed by any USI office area on your satellite copier/printer to be displayed throughout your office areas. 

Four floor graphic options are also available from USI Copy Services. Floor graphics will be charged back to your department at $8 each. More information and Instructions available online.

Facilities and Cleaning

University Cleaning and Disinfecting Protocols

University custodial staff cleans offices weekly, including desk surfaces that are not covered, and provides cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer for office spaces. Employees are strongly encouraged to clean and sanitize their own workspace and personal items, frequently. Additional guidance from the CDC is available on proper cleaning protocols.

Custodial will also continue to clean high touch areas around campus. Other high touch items such as newspapers, magazines and brochure racks should not be stocked in common areas. (More University Cleaning and Disinfecting Protocols)

It is extremely important for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 that we all practice personal sanitation. Proper hand washing, as well as cough and sneeze etiquette, is important for all. Additional guidance is available from the CDC.

Building and Office Access

Accessing Offices Around Campus

Because of risk of traffic congestion and exposure in high-traffic office areas, some offices are restricting access without an appointment. Even for offices that are open, it is highly recommended to call ahead to let someone know you are coming by or to make an appointment. For most offices, appointments can be made by phone or through email.

Common and lounge spaces in buildings have been spaced and/or relocated to facilitate physical distancing. Hands-free door openers have been installed on restroom doors and other high-traffic entrances and exits. Please practice physical distancing and limit the number of individuals in these commonly visited areas at any given time.

Elevators are limited to single or double occupancy and signage has been installed.