Presidential Task Force

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee will oversee the plan to return to campus, placing safety first while also working on strategies to mitigate risks. One of its first duties will be to publish a list of requirements which must be met before the opening of campus is permitted. This committee will be responsible for vetting all decisions affecting the opening of campus and will make recommendations to the president based on what the Core Committees have proposed. This includes but is not limited to decisions that will impact students and employees, whether directly or by proxy. The Steering Committee also is responsible for placing members on committees, reviewing reports from committees, adding additional working groups as needed, and demobilizing teams as work is completed.

Academic Affairs Committee

The reason we exist as an institution of public higher education in Indiana is to deliver a quality education at all levels of the Academy. The Academic Affairs Committee will concentrate on discovering the needs of faculty and students and determining how best to ensure the progression and educational success of our students. This committee's goals are to provide guidelines for exceptional educational delivery, given a myriad of possible scenarios, which are specific, concise and can be measured effectively.

Student Affairs Committee

Since our founding, the University has been student centered. The Student Affairs Committee will concentrate on student issues outside of academics. It also will explore ways in which we extend support to students while navigating current circumstances and developing plans to support major needs.

Operations and Logistics Committee

The Operations and Logistics Committee's primary focus will be to implement the plan to return to campus. This committee will determine how to operationalize the return and develop a plan to support the specifics essential to this process. This committee also will determine the supplies needed for the operations plan, how to procure those supplies and how to distribute them to the areas needed.

Task Force List

Steering Committee

Carey Beury '93

David A. Bower (facilitator) 

Steve Bridges '89 M'95

Khalilah Doss 

Mohammed Khayum 

Nita Musich '10

Ronald S. Rochon (team leader) 

Kindra Strupp 

Aaron Trump 

Academic Affairs Committee

Christy Baker 

James Beeby  

Shelly Blunt (team leader) 

Brody Broshears  

Cathy Carey 

Manfen Chen  

Tori Colson  

Joy Cook '03

Belle Cowden  

Michael Dixon 

Katie Ehlman

Khaled Elkhal  

Bill Elliott  

Trent Engbers  

Sandy Frank '90 M'96

Heidi Gregori-Gahan 

Sukanya Gupta 

Xavia Harrington-Chate 

Sangwoo Heo  

Marna Hostetler 

Xinran Hu

Aime McKibban 

Mark McKnight  

Zane Mitchell 

Swateja Nimkar 

Kenny Purcell  

Dawn Stoneking 

Rex Strange '92

Edmir Wade 

Ann White  

Stephanie Young 

Student Affairs Committee

Laurie Berry  

Dave Enzler  

Jon Mark Hall  

Jennifer Hammat (team leader) 

Ward Harbin  

Pam Hopson  

Kelsey McCullough  

Britney Orth '03

Lamar Patterson  

Amy Price  

Brandy Sitzman M'14

Operations/Logistics Committee

Steve Bequette (co-team leader) 

Ward Harbin  

Tracy Kinner '05 D'11

Donna Koewler 

Mark Logel

Miles Mann 

Bryan Morrison '91

Samuel Preston

Brandy Sitzman M'14

Becky Sparks-Thissen

Julie St. Clair

Jim Wolfe (co-team leader) 

Essential Support Teams

COVID-19 Vaccination Implementation Team

Stephen L. Bequette

Laurie Berry

Shelly B. Blunt

David A. Bower (Team Leader)

Katherine Draughon

John A. Farless 

Jon Mark Hall

Jennifer R. Hammat

Tracy J. Kinner 

Andrew R. Lenhardt

Mark Logel

Amy J. Miller 

Amy S. Price

Julie B. St. Clair

Brandyln L. Sitzman

Richard Toeniskoetter

Emilija Zlatkovska 

Safety Team

Steve Bequette (co-team leader)

Ward Harbin

Mark Logel

Miles Mann '16

Bryan Morrison '91

Samuel Preston

Brandy Sitzman M'14

Julie St. Clair (co-team leader)

Jim Wolfe

Facilities Team

Julie D’Mellow 

Andrea Herschelman 

Miles Mann (Team Leader) '16

Joel Matherly '07

Mike Mohr

Bryan Morrison '91

Richard Toeniskoetter

Jim Wolfe 

Finance & Administration Team

Andrea Gentry '05

Emily Henson  

Mary Hupfer (team leader) '84 M'94

Jeff Sickman '94 M'00

Jeff Sponn '98 M'04

Communications and Public Relations Team

John Farless (co-team leader) '98

Darrell Hamilton  

Brandi Hess (co-team leader) '00

Kaylee Johnson ’20 

Ben Luttrull M'19

Elizabeth Randolph  

Mary Beth Reese '93 

Ray Simmons

Connie Stambush  

Sally Vogl-Bauer  

Jennifer Weigand '04 M'12

University Governance Team

Administrative Senate: Britney N. Orth ’03

Council of Chairs: Kimberly M. Parsons ‘02

Faculty Senate: Rex M. Strange

Staff Council: Rhonda R. Woolsey

Student Government Association: Anna M. Ardelean ‘22

Resource Personnel

Terri Alvey 

Yvonne Beavin '98

Brett Bueltel '12

Amy Chan Hilton 

Sara Christenson Blair 

Linda Dillbeck 

Kat Draughon 

Madea F. Erickson 

Jenny Garrison '06

Sharri Herriott 

Al Holen 

Jessica Jensen 

Ryan N. Kaczmarski '12

Andrew Lenhardt 

Tom Longwell 

Julie McCullough 

Melissa McNeely 

Terry Martin '14

Maria Nguyen '15

Kathy Oeth '83 M'14

Jina Platts '01 M'03

Erin Reynolds 

Kylie Sheffer '18

Rashad Smith 

Jack Smothers 

Lisa Staples 

Carmen Stoen 

Brad Will 

Brett Williams '13

Andrea Wright


Web Services

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