Screagles Take Care of Each Other

September 21, 2020

I come to you today with a special video message. The message is a simple one, but an important one. I hope you’ll share it and talk about it with your peers here at USI, with your friends on and off campus, and with your families. I’m proud of the work we have done to date to be able to stay on campus. I’m proud of those who have voluntarily come forward to self-report when needed. I’m proud of those who have made sacrifices by quarantining to keep others safe and by avoiding those gatherings that put our health and safety in jeopardy.

But this work has to be ongoing. We have to stay vigilant and continue to do the things we need to do to stay in this environment. If you’ve watched the news from around the state and the country at all, you know our situation is precarious. Failure to follow these guidelines could lead to changes that none of us want, including a return to remote learning.

In addition to the measures outlined in this video, I want to highlight several other ways that you can directly impact our campus safety.


It is so critically important that we continue to self-report. This allows us to do the important work of contact tracing and to stop the spread of infections. If you exhibit symptoms or have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for, or exhibits symptoms of, COVID-19, you should immediately fill out the Self-Report Form, remain off campus and contact the University Health Center at 812-465-1250 or your primary care physician for advice. 

On-Campus Testing

On-campus COVID-19 testing is now available for USI students and employees at the former Children's Learning Center on the northwest side of campus. Testing is available by appointment only on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings. Call 812-465-1250 to schedule an appointment.

COVID-19 Dashboard

The University has launched a COVID-19 dashboard that includes weekly and cumulative numbers and is updated weekly on Fridays. I encourage you to be aware of these numbers. It’s important that we are all aware of the current climate and the fact that we are not immune to rising numbers of cases that can directly affect our ability to keep our campus open.

Utilize the COVID-19 Website

Visit the COVID-19 website for the latest announcements and information related to the University's response to COVID-19, or even to find answers to questions you may have about what to do if you are ill or have been around someone who is or may be positive. Detailed instructions can be found on the Resources page.

Flu Shots

The University Health Center (UHC) is once again providing flu shots for USI students and employees.

While it is important for everyone 6 months of age and older to get a flu shot every year, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it is even more important. Flu and COVID-19 will be circulating at the same time, and both respiratory infections can cause severe illness and hospitalization—even death.

If you wish to receive a flu shot on campus, you are asked to schedule an appointment online. Appointments can also be made by calling the UHC at 812-465-1250, though online scheduling is preferred. More information and scheduling instructions.

Students, we are in this together. We help control our own destiny. So, let’s Protect Our Nest!

Be Safe. Make Good Choices. 

Dr. Jennifer Hammat
Dean of Students