Prepare for a safe and healthy end of semester and winter recess

November 19, 2020


As we prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday and move to virtual learning for the remainder of the Fall Semester, I’d like to pass along a few things to help you prepare for this time and to stay safe and healthy.

First, I’d like to thank you for all you have done up to this point to keep our campus open and safe. It’s been nothing short of amazing. We realize this semester has not been easy or without challenges, and now it is time to shift again. We still have work to do to get through the end of this semester and finals.

We all know the steps we need to take to protect ourselves and others. Now, we have to remain vigilant and continue to make wise choices. The choices you make now will not only affect the end of the Fall Semester and the start of the Spring Semester, they will affect the safety and health of family and loved ones back home. You still need to Protect Your Nest, whether that’s here on campus or in your home communities.  

I realize that not all of you will be going home for the holidays this year. Some of you will be staying here on campus or making other arrangements. I also realize that, for those who do return home, the realities there may be different than those here on campus. You may not find the same environment of safety and caution you’ve found here on campus, and that may be out of your control. I ask that you do the best you can to follow safe practices, but if you can’t or if you feel you may have been exposed to COVID-19, find a way to self-quarantine before returning to campus. I also want you to know that you can always reach out to us for support. We will continue to make as many resources available to you as possible as we move through this transition.

During your time away from campus you may be tempted to attend holiday parties, New Year’s celebrations and other gatherings with friends and family. Remember there are always alternatives to these gatherings. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has holiday recommendations.

What we’ve been doing has been successful so far, but now is not the time to let up. If you want to be able to return to campus and to in-person instruction for the Spring Semester, you know what you have to do: continue to avoid gatherings, maintain physical distance, wear your mask and practice good hand hygiene.

I encourage you to re-listen to President Rochon’s recent message about campus safety as we wind down the semester.


Even during your time off campus, it is important you continue to use the Self-Reporting Form. How individual cases are handled over the break may differ, but it is still important to report.

If you are exposed or test positive, you should also contact your local health care provider immediately to get guidance on next steps to protect yourself and others. For those remaining on campus, the University Health Center will remain open until Wednesday, December 22 with special hours of 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on December 21-22. The Health Center will reopen Monday, January 4 with normal hours.

COVID-19 Testing


The Indiana State Department of Health COVID-19 Testing site includes a list of testing sites by county. Click on the county desired to see a list of testing locations. Currently there are five testing locations in Vanderburgh County. Each location includes detailed information about hours, criteria for testing, scheduling and results. Please do not visit these locations without first reviewing this information.


The Kentucky Public Health COVID-19 Testing site lets you choose testing locations by county and find other details such as scheduling, who can test and cost.


The Illinois Department of Public Health COVID-19 Testing site does not provide locations, but you can find contact information for testing.

Spring Classes

Don’t forget to register for Spring 2021 classes before break. For assistance with course selection, contact your advisor or schedule an appointment through AdvisorTrac. If you are experiencing financial challenges, please complete a referral form by clicking on the Make a Referral Now link on the right side of the Financial Care Team webpage.

Spring Textbook and Supplies

Order your textbooks online early to avoid the rush! You can begin placing orders at beginning Tuesday, December 1 and have them sent directly to your home. You can also order other supplies offered through the Campus Store. Packages will begin shipping out the week of December 14. Shipping for orders over $49.99 is FREE! Contact the Campus Store at 812-464-1717 for questions or visit them online for more information.

University Offices

All University offices will be open from November 30 through December 22 and will re-open on January 4. During the periods of online learning in the Fall and Spring Semesters, some offices may be open for virtual appointments only. Please visit websites listed below for specific hour for these departments.


The application process to stay in University Housing over winter break opens November 30. Residents who do not receive approval to stay in University housing must leave by noon on Friday, December 18. You can find the application and a list of dates and information about Fall, Winter and Spring housing options on the Housing and Residence Life website.

Dining Options

Sodexo has compiled a list of dining options and hours for the remainder of the Fall Semester and the start of the Spring Semester. You can find that information on their website and on the What’s Open Now, webpage. 

David L. Rice Library

The library is open, and space can be reserved through Tuesday, December 22. The library will re-open on Monday, January 4. Revised library hours between Thanksgiving and the start of in-person classes Monday, February 8 can be found on the library website

Recreation, Fitness and Wellness Center

For a full list of offerings and hours visit the RFWC website.

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center offers several online options for students and will continue to be a resource during the break. For more information about offerings and hours, visit the Counseling Center website.

Bus Service

For a full list of holiday and winter recess bus schedules and routes visit the Bus Schedules page on the Public Safety website or download the DoubleMap app.

Disability Resources

Students needing accommodations will be able to test in Disability Resources and need to schedule their exams one week in advance. To reserve a space, call 812-464-1961 or email

Honors Office

Special hours for the Honors Office can be found on the Honors Program website or by calling 812-464-1833.

Registrar’s Office

Special hours for the Registrar’s Office can be found on the Registrar’s website or by calling 812-464-1762.

College Advising Centers, Center for Exploring Majors, and Academic Skills

All services within the Advising Centers and Academic Skills, including tutoring, the Writing Lab, and placement testing, are available both in-person and virtually through December 11. For more information and hours, contact the Advising Centers or Academic Skills.

Graduate Studies

For Graduate Studies Office hours and information, visit the Graduate Studies website or call 812-465-7015.

Contact Us

If you still have questions or need to talk with someone, you are always welcome to reach out to us at the Dean of Students Office or call 812-464-1862.

Be safe. Make good choices.

Dr. Jennifer Hammat
Dean of Students