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Fall 2016 Facilitators

The Voices of Discovery is facilitated through the Counseling Center by one of our staff clinicians, an undergraduate intern and student facilitators. The student facilitators are individuals who successfully completed the program in the past and returned to guide other USI students through the experience. 

Primary Facilitator


Dr. Ashley Evearitt is a staff therapist in the Counseling Center. In that role, she has an emphasis on diversity to plan programming for USI's campus to increase awareness and appreciation of topics relating to multicultural issues. She enjoys widening students' worldview to increase their awareness of the unique experiences of their peers. Dr. Evearitt remains committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment where all USI students can feel comfortable sharing their experiences openly in the Voices of Discovery. 

Undergraduate Intern


Katrina Kusick is the Fall 2016 undergraduate intern in the Counseling Center. She is working toward a bachelor's degree in Social Work. Through her internship, Katrina helps facilitate a wide variety of programming -- including the Voices of Discovery. 

Student Facilitator

 Faith Cooper

Faith Cooper

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