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Our Philosophy

Counselors are here to support you in a kind and compassionate manner. And yet, some people may be nervous about speaking to a counselor. However, most people find that their anxiety goes away quickly. You can always give it a try - you are not obligated to continue.

Counseling is a positive step for people when they are struggling. People don’t feel bad about themselves when they need assistance from a mechanic, doctor, or lawyer. Seeking counseling is no different - it is a wise choice and a sign of strength.

Some people don’t like to discuss their feelings. While this is important for many, sessions can instead focus on problem-solving, stress management, assertiveness skills, etc.

We strive to provide services that respect and celebrate all aspects of diversity, including but not limited to: ethnic and racial identity, sexual orientation, sexual and gender identity, physical Istock 000008706589Xsmalland mental ability, age, national origin, religious identity, socioeconomic status, political ideology, military status, body size, physical appearance, and cultural heritage/values.   




Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is a SAFE ZONE for individuals of all ethnicities, abilities, religions, sexual orientations, physical appearances/sizes, and gender identities.


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