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Internships and Co-Ops


It is important to note that when participating in an internship for credit, you must enroll in one of the University’s internship courses.  The cost for these courses is the same as other on-campus courses and billed to you at the standard credit hour rate.  Although the internship work is completed off-campus and assignments may be required through Blackboard, the course is not necessarily considered an online distance education course.

In MOST cases credit is based on the number of hours you will work during the term.

1 credit = 50 work hours
2 credits = 100 work hours
3 credits = 150 work hours

Benefits of Internships and Co-Ops

Internships and co-ops translate classroom theory into application and provide a practical framework for subsequent academic coursework. Additionally, internships and co-ops enhance your resume, provide networking opportunities and may even lead to a permanent position.

Career Launch

All internships, co-ops and other experiential learning should be documented in Career Launch. All current USI students can log in through the app on myUSI. Select the Experiential Learning link and follow the steps to report your internship or other experience. If you have any questions, contact our office at 812-464-1865.

How It Works

Most internships and co-ops require only 150 hours of professional work per semester. Many academic departments offer program credit for internships and co-ops. Most students are eligible for GENS 399 - Field Experience through Career Services for one to three credit hours and as little as 50 worksite hours. Internship assignments will include goals, a journal, student and employer evaluations, and a final report. You will need to meet with USI Career Services and Internships to register for internship credit in GENS 399.


To qualify for a general internship, a student must have completed at least one semester at USI and be a student in good standing. To qualify for an internship with earned credit in your major, criteria specific to that major must be met. Those requirements vary according to the major and may include a minimum GPA and prerequisite classes. An internship coordinator can help you determine if you qualify.

How to Apply

If you are interested in an internship, register with Career Services, and schedule an appointment with the appropriate internship coordinator. Visit the Career Services office located in the lower level of the Orr Center, Room 074.

Prepare for a competitive search. Internships and co-ops aren't guaranteed. A strong resume and polished interview skills are essential to landing the job.

Your Appointment

During your scheduled appointment, an internship coordinator will discuss options with you. Prior to your scheduled appointment, view internship and co-op opportunities online through Career Launch

Bring to the appointment a copy of your most up-to-date resume. No resume? To help you get started, get a sample resume in our office or online.  Most employers will require a resume to consider a student for an internship. 

You can find information for Internships throughout the state of Indiana on

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