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Lilly Grant Funding

Internship and Co-Operative Education Funding Opportunity

Grant Information

The University of Southern Indiana has been awarded a grant through the Lilly Endowment and has designated a portion of the grant to assist Indiana employers in funding internship and co-operative education opportunities for University of Southern Indiana students.

The goal of the program is to increase retention of USI graduates in Indiana by expanding employer relationships, as well as increasing employment opportunities.  The University believes strongly that students who work in interesting and challenging co-op and internship assignments will develop a strong interest in accepting professional positions with these firms, resulting in these highly employable graduates remaining in the Indiana workforce.


The Lilly Grant is offered each semester and summer through Spring of 2019.  Employers must apply each semester and summer for each position they would like to have partially funded, and may apply for more than one position per semester/summer.  Funds are available to pay one-half of each student’s hourly wage (up to $15 per hour) per semester or summer.  The reimbursement of the student’s wage is paid to the employer upon the completion of the required work hours, which is a maximum of 300 (600 for Engineering majors) per semester or the entire summer semester.  Each organization application is reviewed by a committee and the organization will be notified if they will be awarded funds. 

Non Profit Companies

The Lilly Grant now offers reimbursement to non-profit companies as well.  The process and stipulations are still the same, but the reimbursement is minimum wage times the hours worked by the intern (up to 300 hours).  The reimbursement will be awarded when the student completes the designated hours. 

For more information or questions, please direct to Brad Eddings, Career Services & Internships Graduate Assistant,

Reimbursement Process

Towards the end of every term, you should receive an email reminding you of the
reimbursement process and that the term is nearing an end. Employers will reimburse when the
term has come to an end, or their intern has completed their stated work hours, whichever comes

In order to reimburse you must send in the following items: an invoice (with the intern’s
hours worked, hourly rate, and amount being reimbursed), the Lilly Agreement form, a copy of
your W-9 and a vendor form if this is your first time participating in the grant.

These items can be emailed directly to Accounts Payable at or may be mailed in using the
address on the Lilly Agreement form. Please Cc Brad Eddings on your email or mail, his
email is If anything is incorrect on any forms you will be notified of the
necessary corrections before reimbursement can take place. Once all items are received you
should expect to be reimbursed in around 30 days.


  1. What majors are eligible? All USI majors are eligible as long as the internship provides an experience within the major’s field of student then it can be classified as an internship. 
  2. Definition of a USI student to be eligible for the Lilly Grant Internship Program - Must be enrolled at the University of Southern Indiana in the semester before and during their internship semester.  Students that graduate cannot continue as Lilly Grant interns unless they apply and plan to register for Graduate School at USI the following semester.
  3. Can we use this for a graduate? No, the candidate must be a USI student that was enrolled as a full time student in the previous semester and is enrolled as a full time student for the semester you wish to employ them as an intern. 
  4. Can we hire a graduate student? Yes, as long as they were a USI full time student the semester before and will be a full time graduate student the semester you wish to employ them as an intern. 
  5. Can students that go somewhere other than USI use this? No, since the grant was awarded to USI and is intended to benefit USI students it may only be used by students currently enrolled at USI.
  6. Do we have to pay the interns $15/hour? No, that is simply the maximum wage that we will reimburse half of.  Some positions pay less than that and some pay more than that.
  7. Do you send us recommended students? No, we cannot recommend students due to the number of USI students and employers looking.  We do encourage you to use Eagle Career Launch, which is our online job database for USI students. 
  8. How does the grant work for non-profits?  A non-profit that doesn't have the funds to pay an intern can claim an amount of minimum wage.  For example the non-profit will decide how many hours the student will "work" during a semester.  At the end of the employment period and the student has worked the designated number of hours, USI will reimburse the non-profit for $7.25 X the number of hours designated (i.e. 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 or 300).  USI DOES NOT pay the student directly.  The non-profit must pay the student and deduct any appropriate taxes.  The non-profit must send an invoice to USI requesting to be reimbursed for the fees paid to the student.

Example of reimbursement amounts based on hours completed by the student.

50 100 150 200 250 300
$362.50 $725.00 $1,087.50 $1,450.00 $1,812.50 $2,175.00

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