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Use the sample resumes below to make the first draft of your resume. Then schedule an appointment with a USI Career Coordinator for additional resume development assistance. Career Services can also help you target your resume to specific job descriptions and applicant tracking software.

Your resume is an employer's first impression of you. A good one can open the door for many great job and internship opportunities. Your resume is an ongoing project, you should update it each semester to keep it relevant.  The best practice is to have your resume reviewed a minimum of three times before submitting it to an employer. We recommend working with Career Services first to develop the basic layout and content. Then ask a faculty member to review for industry terms and specifics. Followed by a final review by Career Services to check for spelling and formatting errors. 

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Reference Page Applicant Tracking Systems: A Guide for Job Seekers

Many large companies and a growing number of small and medium companies filter resumes through specialized software before an HR employee looks at them. If your resume is not compatible with the software it may never make it through the first screening process. See if your resume is optimized for an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with the following resources.


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