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How to Work a Job Fair

Remember this is like an interview.  

You are creating the all-important first impression. There will be several candidates and only a handful will stand out from the crowd. Be prepared so that you are one of those candidates. Review your own experiences from internships, clinicals jobs and classes. Be prepared to discuss what you did and the outcomes or what you learned.

Preparation should include:

  • Company Research
    Know what they do and what they can do for you.
  • Wardrobe Preparation
    Dress to impress.
  • Resume Writing
    Prepare a resume to hand out at the job fair. If you need help, you may pick up a sample in the Career Services Office. 

Things to remember while you are there:  

  • Arrive Early
    Give yourself time to visit as many employers as possible. Maps of tables will be provided.
  • Review Employers
    Pick out 4 or 5 employers that you would like to talk to most and go to them first. Know what you want from each employer and make it your goal to get it. 
  • Questioning
    You don't have much time to make that first impression. Try to have answers ready to questions you think the employers may ask you. 
  • Brevity
    Be polite, direct, energetic and concise with your answers. 
  • Closing the Sale
    Tell them what you want. If you are interested in the possible opportunities they may provide, inform them that you would like the opportunity for a formal interview. 
  • Thank Yous
    Be sure to obtain the names and business cards of those with whom you talked.  Remember to tell them "Thank You" for their time before you leave the event.  Follow up with a thank-you letter in which you can state your continued interest in their company. 
  • Networking
  • Always convey a sense of professionalism; remember everyone there is a potential job lead. 
  • Clear your mind between interviews
    To avoid potential embarrassment, don't get employers and positions mixed up! 

One last thing: Smile!

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