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  • Stamps - domestic/international
  • UPS
  • Copy - only 10ยข each
  • Fax - $1.50 outgoing/$1.00 incoming

Employee Benefits

  • University benefit eligible employees (not spouse or children) now receive the following discounts in the USI Campus Store
    • NEW/USED textbooks โ€“ 10%
    • Office supplies โ€“ 20%
    • Gift/logo/clothing items โ€“ 20%
  • Discounts are on regularly priced items and no additional discounts may be applied
  • Employee ID is required
  • This excludes rentals, food, drinks, software, and Apple products

Payroll Deduction

  • Monthly employees may have up to six equal deductions and bi-weekly employees will receive up to twelve equal deductions
  • Only one payroll deduction enrollment for the Campus Store is allowed at a time
  • Peripheral devices such as printers, back up hard drives, iPods, software and accessories are eligible for this plan when purchased at the same time as a computer or tablet.

  • There are no returns on purchases made through the payroll deduction process


Campus Store

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