Textbook Adopter

The First Day Access program is a new textbook model in collaboration with top publishers that converts books into digital content. All students enrolled in a class buy into the content, lowering the cost for everyone.

Benefits of First Day Access:

  • Prices are negotiated and vary depending upon the course materials chosen by the instructor, but are lower than competitive market rates
  • First Day Access of Course Materials
  • Seamless Integration
  • Consistent User Experience Across All Devices
  • Courseware Features to Enhance Teaching
  • Over 700,000 Digital Titles Available
  • Collaboration with 400+ Publishers

As this is a new service to the University of Southern Indiana, its success is dependent on YOU! When selecting course materials for your department, it is imperative that you follow the Campus Store First Day Access guidelines to ensure that the entire process operates smoothly. As the textbook adopter for your department, you will be responsible for communication with:

  • USI Faculty -
    • Communicate the selected First Day Access materials to each instructor, including:  directions to obtain materials through the Campus Store, benefits of using First Day Access program, instructions on how to communicate First Day Access to students and details on how the materials will accessible via Blackboard.
  • Textbook Publishers -
    • Communicate that request to use First Day Access has been placed through Campus Store and any additional communication about the materials should be directed from the publishing representative to the Campus Store.
  • Campus Store personnel - 
    • Request access to First Day Access materials for each course. Review and sign  First Day Access Agreement, acknowledging the responsibilities of selecting the course materials for your department. Work with Campus Store personnel to ensure all materials available and all faculty are prepared at the start of class.
  • Department Chair -
    • Share the selected First Day Access materials for each course selected. Department Chair to review and sign First Day Access Agreement.
  • Blackboard personnel - 
    • The Blackboard team will be notified of courses using First Day Access via Campus Store. As the textbook adopter, you will be responsible for communicating Need to Know information to your faculty about setting up, accessing and instructing through the First Day Access link.

Need Help?

Please contact firstdayaccess@usi.edu for an immediate response.


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