Refund Policy

Your receipt is always required for a refund

  • Textbook refunds can be made during the first five (5) days of the semester for fall and spring classes. It changes to the first three (3) days for each summer session. Refunds after these times will only be granted for dropped classes.
  • Refunds for dropped classes must be made within the first five weeks each fall & spring semester and within the first three weeks for each summer session. *In addition to your receipt, you will need to bring your completed drop slip.
  • Do not mark in your books until you are certain that there will be no need to return them. Any markings or damage to your book, inside or on the cover, will decrease your refund.
  • Unopened computer software may be returned within ten days of purchase with a receipt.
  • Clothing may be returned within ten days of purchase with a receipt. Items must be in new condition and have the tags still intact.
  • There is a 14 day waiting period for refunds on check purchases.
  • Not returnable: Bestsellers, special orders, review books, study guides, sale items, leisure reading, Cliff's Notes, opened software, shrink-wrapped items that have been opened.

Book theft is a big problem on college campuses. The way we protect your purchase from becoming someone else's refund is to require a receipt. SAVE YOUR RECEIPT!


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