About the Campus Store and Policies

About the Campus Store

  • Institutionally owned, the USI Campus Store is a vital part of the University academic community.
  • We offer new and used books with used books being 25% off the new price.  
  • We offer digital books (not all are available in digital format).
  • We offer new rentals and used rentals (not all are available as rentals).
  • The Campus Store accepts the following Payment Options.
  • The Campus Store will ship your books and merchandise via UPS for your convenience. Place your textbook or merchandise order online.
  • The Campus Store observes the following Refund Policy.

The University of Southern Indiana Campus Store is owned and operated by the University for the convenience of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and campus visitors. An educational agency of the institution, its primary purpose is to provide faculty and students with textbooks and supplies necessary for their academic pursuits. In addition, the bookstore provides supplies for use in campus offices and retail items that students, employees, and visitors need to have readily available or can find only in a campus store.

The USI Campus Store is a meeting place of, and an adjunct to, both the academic and social life of the University. It is an academically oriented resource, where the need for and interest in reading and study engendered in the classroom can be nurtured and reinforced. It is also a social focal point on the campus offering many goods and services required by a complex college community.

The USI Campus Store is operated on sound business principles in the anticipation that its income will cover both its operating expenses and its attributable capital development costs. While it is not the purpose of the Campus Store to make a nominal profit at the expense of students, faculty, or departments, the Campus Store is expected to be self-supporting (to produce sufficient income from its operations to cover all its costs and expenses).


The merchandising policy of the University of Southern Indiana Campus Store will reflect the needs of the campus, and the Campus Store will make available such goods as are required to fulfill these needs. The responsibility for determining sources, quality, price, and supply of goods for sale in the Campus Store will rest with the Manager. The Campus Store will maintain liaison with the faculty and the administration of the University and with its customers in order to determine and/or refine the types of merchandise sold, thus keeping the merchandising activity of the Campus Store in step with the changing needs of the University. The pricing of merchandise will be consistent with established practices in college bookstores and comparative with the prices in the general marketplace.

The selection and change of vendors/suppliers will be the sole responsibility of the Campus Store. The USI Campus Store will search the markets to obtain the maximum value and acceptable quality. The selling operation of the Campus Store will generally be according to the principles of a self-service operation. The majority of merchandise lines will, therefore, be selected with a view to their being appropriate for self-selection by customers.


The University of Southern Indiana Campus Store will maintain a staff of sufficient size and competence to conduct the business of the Campus Store efficiently in accordance with the stated policies. The USI Campus Store staff will be employees of the University of Southern Indiana and will be employed under the terms and conditions in force for university employees. The USI Campus Store Manager will maintain a program of staff development, with the object of increasing staff participation and encouraging pride and self-fulfillment in the individual. The USI Campus Store Manager will take all possible measures to protect, maintain, and develop the safety and working conditions of the Campus Store staff. The Campus Store staff will at all times conduct themselves in such manner, consideration, and ethics as to enhance the public image and integrity both of the USI Campus Store and of the University.


The University of Southern Indiana Campus Store will develop and maintain systems adequate for the tracking, recording, measurement, and control of the business in order to maximize the efficiency and security of the operation. The accounting system will account for all monies and merchandise coming into the USI Campus Store, held in the USI Campus Store, and leaving the USI Campus Store. The accounting system will ensure the accurate and responsible tracking, recording, and controlling of all Campus Store funds, inventories, properties, and other assets and the recording of the discharge of financial obligations. All accounting records and documents will be retained securely and in accordance with legal requirements. Certification of invoices for payment upon proof of receipt of goods/services shall be the responsibility of the Manager. The USI Campus Store will utilize the retail system of inventory valuation to aid in inventory control.


The University of Southern Indiana Campus Store provides several services to the University. The USI Campus Store has extended hours during the first week of the term opening. The USI Campus Store also provides:

  • Shopping Baskets
  • Check Cashing
  • Services for the Handicapped
  • Online Internet Orders
  • Access to a Copy/Fax Machine
  • Extra Check-Outs
  • Extra Employees
  • Special Orders and Phone Orders
  • UPS Services

The USI Campus Store provides a year-long book buy-back. The USI Campus Store, jointly with wholesale book companies, buys books from students at a wholesale rate. At the end of each term, the USI Campus Store buys books back from students at a rate higher than a wholesaler would, provided the textbook has been adopted for the following term. By completing THE INTRA-DEPARTMENT TEXTBOOK OR SUPPLIES REQUISITION on or before the date requested by the Division Secretary, the faculty can help the USI Campus Store not only purchase books from students, but also to shop other sources for USED books prior to ordering from the publisher. This helps to reduce the cost of textbooks to the students.

The USI Campus Store also participates, with the help of the students, in a project called the Bridge of Knowledge, a concerted effort by colleges and universities everywhere to help promote education in developing countries such as Romania, South Africa, Cambodia, and the Philippines. This project is part of a nationwide effort to provide out-of-print books, old editions, and books that are donated to third-world countries into the hands of students and teachers in every corner of the world who have no books.


Campus Store

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