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Troubleshooting and Common Errors

Problems Downloading

If the direct pay form opens in your browser and not in Excel: Open "My Computer," click on View then Folder Options and select the File Types tab. In registered file types, click on Microsoft Excel Worksheet and press the Edit button. Deselect the Browse in Same Window check box. Select OK. This should allow for opening the direct pay form in the Excel program.

If you still are having difficulty with the direct pay form, you may right click on the direct pay form link and select "Save Target as" to save the file to your computer.

Frequently Misunderstood Points

  • A copy of the direct pay form is not mailed with the check
  • You should not copy the EXACT description from the invoice directly to the payment request form
  • The Fund/Orgn/Acct number is comprised each of a five-digit number which is a total of 15 digits
  • Only authorized financial managers may approve a direct pay form for payment
  • Accounts Payable does not call or fax orders to vendors
  • Departments should make all necessary photocopies 

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