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Direct Pay

The direct pay form should be used:

  • To place an order with a vendor when a University purchase order is not required.
  • To pay a company/person for products/services received when a University purchase order is not required.
  • To reimburse an individual for items purchased on behalf of the University when a purchase order is not required.

Supporting Documentation

Forms of acceptable documentation include:

  • Original invoices
  • Original signed contracts
  • Original itemized receipts
  • Copies of catalog or Internet pages (for prepaid orders)
  • Order forms or cover letters addressed to the vendor (for prepaid orders)
  • Telephone quotes, including the name of individual at company giving quote and the date of quote

Examples of unacceptable documentation include:

  • Photocopies of invoices
  • Photocopies of receipts
  • Credit card receipts or statements not supported by itemized documentation
  • Monthly statements when invoices are available
  • Statements showing a previous balance without explanation of charges
  • Receipts that do not indicate payment
  • Invoices not addressed to USI

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