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Uber co-founder: Change is Inevitable, and a Fifth Revolution is Coming

Uber co-founder Dr. Oscar Salazar spoke before a crowd at USI Tuesday night about how he sees the future. He said innovation takes cycles, and a fifth revolution is coming. He predicts disruption in fields like transportation, health care, education, and waste management. He explained it takes three things to create disruption: a platform, an application, and an industry. He remarked that change is inevitable, but society must also accept change.

Uber co-founder Dr. Oscar Salazar, Romain College's Innovative Speaker

Photo credit: University of Southern Indiana Photography and Multimedia

Read articles on Courier & Press and USI's The Shield newspaper, and view USI's Facebook photo album of the event.  

Salazar is part of the Romain College's Innovative Speaker series. The Romain College strives to present a speaker who has displayed leadership and innovation in the world of business. It is an event for the University and the community.

Published March 24, 2017

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