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Not for profit founded by business faculty member and students

Hug Alliance, Inc. is a startup, not-for-profit organization that originated with Jeanette Maier-Lytle, instructor in accounting, and Romain College of Business students Josh Beiriger, Kyle Hoeing, and Ryan Loehrlein. Hug Alliance, Inc. came into existence as the result of the observation of a high level of anxiety and stress in the young adult population and the desire to support this community of people. The idea started on a white board in Maier-Lytle’s office after a few brainstorming sessions and the realization this team wanted to take the ideas on the board and launch them into action. 

Hug Alliance, Inc.This collaboration among faculty and students is not only a synergy of skills, but showcases the Romain College's continued engagement with, and impact on, our communities. 

Hug Alliance’s purpose for existence includes, but is not limited to, providing spiritual, physical and emotional support for distressed people and communities.  An underlying vision of Hug is the idea that distressed people can obtain long-term healing as they give of themselves in support of a common cause. Thus, Hug will provide guidance and support to distressed individuals while instilling a theme of healing through giving.  This healing process will include chosen resources for the individual’s situation or problem, life coaches and continued support through community connections.

Hug Alliance Inc

"Jeanette has a heart for helping people and will no doubt be a lifeline to many people for years to come. We are fortunate to have a colleague like her,” said Dr. Jill Oeding, assistant professor of business law.

Learn more about Hug Alliance’s inaugural Art from the Heart Art Auction which will take place on October 21, 2017. Art donations are being accepted, and all profits will go to Hug Alliance, Inc. for the completion of its mission.

Hug Alliance was featured on WEHT Lifestyles, where Jeanette presented several pieces of art that will be in the auction. Watch video>>

Pictured left to right: Josh Beiriger, Treasurer; Kyle Hoeing, Vice-Chair; and Jeanette Maier-Lytle, Chair. Photo credit: Morgan Fields.

Published September 29, 2017

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