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Fence Chips idea wins Startup Weekend Evansville 2.0

Startup Weekend Evansville 2.0 was hosted by the University of Southern Indiana in the Business and Engineering Center February 22-24. The 54-hour event brings together developers, designers, investors, and entrepreneurs to share ideas, form teams, build products, and launch startups.

This year’s winning ideas included:

    • Dr. Andrew Moad, USI-Crane partnership manager, received first place with an idea called Fence Chips, which are durable, colorful, reusable vinyl chips designed to fit into chain link fence to promote athletic teams, events, and businesses.
    • The team placing second were USI students Neil Kassinger (public relations/advertising and entrepreneurship) with Cecilia Gussman (marketing) with a product called The Strapholster, a new fashion technology which keeps your purse and bags from slipping from your shoulder.
    • Third place went to two father-son pairs interested in manufacturing gourmet, high-end mushroom-growing kits.

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