Third Party Billing

For students who have a third party paying their bill, and that party requires a bill from USI, please contact the Bursar's Office at 812-464-1842 or by email to set up arrangements.

Third Party Company Billing FAQ:

What does USI need in order to bill my third party?

USI needs written authorization from the third party that clearly states the following:

    • Student name and student I.D. number or last 4 digits of social security number
    • Semester(s) that USI is authorized to bill the third party
    • Specific costs the third party bill cover (Tuition, Fees, Housing, etc.)
    • Email or mailing address where the bill should be sent
    • Contact person's information from the third party

When will my third party be billed?

USI bills third parties after the drop/add refund period. During the drop/add refund period, a student can drop a class and get a full or partial refund (depending on when the class is dropped). USI waits to send off third party bills until after this date so that the bills sent are correct. USI will not send a bill to a third party before this date has passed.

Will I have a hold?

If a student's bill is equal to or less than the amount the third party has authorized USI to bill, a student will not have a hold.

My third party will pay for books. How does this work?

Students should see Aleisha Jones in the USI Bursar's Office (OC 042, lower level of the Orr Center) to receive a book voucher prior to purchasing books. This will allow the Bursar's Office to bill the student's third party without the student having to pay the designated amount out-of-pocket. USI can only bill a third party for books purchased on a voucher through the USI Bookstore.


Bursar's Office

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