Payment FAQ

Students may sign up for fast, convenient electronic services through TouchNet.

USI has partnered with TouchNet technology to provide students with direct access to their student bill. Students may view their student bill, sign up for eRefunds (direct deposit), enroll in the payment plan, and more. Information is always available and up to date. Students no longer have to wait for their refund check or 1098T to arrive in the mail. Signing up is easy. Simply log into your MyUSI account and click on the TouchNet icon. 

 Below are the most commonly used features and FAQs on how to access all that TouchNet offers.

What is TouchNet? 

TouchNet is an online portal the University of Southern Indiana offers for all students to view and pay their bills, setup payment plans, and sign up for eRefunds (direct deposit). Students may login through their myUSI and click on the TouchNet icon. By using TouchNet, students may also assign Authorized Users to have access to their account, setup payment plans, or view your 1098T.  

What is the difference between my billing statement and the account activity?  

The monthly billing statement is a snap shot of your account at a specific point in time.  The Account Activity link will provide you with a current, real-time status of your account.

How do I enroll in a payment plan

The payment plan allows students or authorized users to pay the student’s bill in monthly, interest free installments. A $35 enrollment fee is required to enroll in the payment plan each semester. Students or authorized users may schedule payments to be automatically processed each month or setup reminders to pay by the due date each month (a 2.85% convenience fee will be assessed by the credit card processor). To enroll, log into TouchNet and click on "Enroll in Payment Plan." A $50 late payment fee will be assessed for payments received after the due date. There are no payment plan options for the summer terms. 

How do I set up an Authorized User?

Students may setup authorized users to view their billing information and/or their student bill on his or her behalf. Please note this does not allow the authorized user to view the student’s academic records, course schedule, or other personal information. To assign an authorized user, the student must log into myUSI and click on the TouchNet icon. From the Student Account Homepage, click on “Authorized Users” on the right side and complete the information. The Authorized User will receive an email with instructions on how to log in and view your account.

How do Authorized Users log into TouchNet?

Authorized Users may log into TouchNet with his or her email address and password he or she created. If you are having difficulty logging in, you may have your password reset. Be sure to check your spam folder if the email does not appear in your inbox. To navigate to the login page, go to https://secure.touchnet.net/C21706_tsa/web

How can I make a payment online? 

To make a payment, simply log into your myUSI account, click on the TouchNet icon to the left.  From there you can setup an interest free monthly payment plan, make a credit card payment (a 2.85% convenience fee will be added by our credit card processor), or pay by ACH.  You may also store an ACH profile so future payments will be even easier. 

How do I sign up for direct deposit (eRefunds)?

Receive your refund check faster by signing up for eRefunds (direct deposit). eRefunds provide a safer and more convenient way of receiving your financial aid refund. Direct deposits are processed frequently throughout the week, however checks are mailed once a week. To enroll, log into MyUSI and click on the TouchNet icon. Under User Profile on the homepage, there will be an option for the student to setup eRefunds using their checking or savings account information.

I do not feel comfortable paying my bill online.  What other payment methods are available? 

Paying electronically is the preferred bill payment method but it is optional.  You may send payments by mail or pay in person with cash or check at the Bursar’s office.  To send a check or money order through the mail to our payment processing center, please print a copy of the PDF bill and mail it with the payment (payable to the University of Southern Indiana) to:

University of Southern Indiana
Attn:  Bursar’s Office
8600 University Blvd
Evansville, Indiana 47712

What company has the University of Southern Indiana partnered with to provide this service?  

TouchNet is the provider of this on-line billing and payment service.  Our contract with them ensures that the processes are compliant with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLB) Act.  The University of Southern Indiana believes that security is a very important factor in providing automated billing and payment processing services.  The technical architecture and security of the TouchNet services uses detection and firewall systems to protect the network and is compliant with all Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards to sure that your financial information is safe.


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