Employer Paid Tuition

The Employer paid tuition plan allows students to enroll in classes at USI without having to pay for the classes prior to the start of a term if they can verify that tuition and/or fee charges will be reimbursed by their employers, through the submission of theFall/Spring Employer Paid Tuition , Summer Form, or the Master's Degree Form. If the student's final grade for the class is a factor affecting reimbursement, the employer may defer payment until after the student receives and submits a final grade report. Payment may be deferred for tuition and registration fee charges only. Students may not defer payment for the application fee or for the purchase of books.

Students still must sign and return their bills by the due date in order to retain their classes. The Employer Paid Tuition Program allows students who have tuition reimbursement from their employers to defer their tuition bill until one month after grades are posted each semester.

A separate form must be completed to its entirety each semester the student has the benefit. The Bursar's Office will not process any Employer Paid Tuition forms if the employer deferral amount, employer signature, or student signature is missing. Please be sure to review your form and all questions before submitting. 

Tuition Reimbursement FAQ:

How do I know you have received my Employer Paid Tuition form?
A confirmation email will be sent out at the beginning of each semester from the Bursar's Office letting students know we have received the form and that your tuition is deferred until one month after grades are posted. Also, any student who has not paid their bill and has not turned in their Employer Paid Tuition form will have a Bursar's Office hold that prevents them from registering. If you have this hold and have tuition reimbursement through your employer, contact our office at 812-464-1842.

I turned in my Employer Paid Tuition form. Why do I keep receiving a bill?
You will continue to have bills emailed to your account each month. The Bursar's Office wants each student to have an updated record of the activity on their account. This is helpful in instances where a class has been dropped or a change of schedule has occurred. It is important to review these monthly statements to make certain any changes are correctly reflected. Your Employer Paid Tuition form must have the employer deferral amount, employer signature, and student signature or the Bursar's Office will not process the form. If you have received a confirmation email that your Employer Paid Tuition form was received and you do not have a Bursar's Office hold, the due date on the bill does not apply to you. Your tuition payment is deferred until one month after grades are posted.

When is my deferred bill due?
Your deferred bill is due approximately one month after final grades are posted. The confirmation email you receive at the beginning of each semester will give you the exact date your bill is due. Please keep this email on file for later reference.

What if my employer reimburses me AFTER USI's deferred bill due date?
Regardless of when your employer reimburses you, your deferred tuition bill is due by the date emailed to you in your confirmation email (approximately one month after final grades are posted).

I turned an Employer Tuition form in last semester. Why do I have a hold?
A separate form must be completed to its entirety each semester.

Who can I contact if I have further questions?
You can contact Hannah Varner at 812-465-1288.


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