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Healthy Relationships

How much do you know about what healthy romantic relationships look like? Domestic violence affects people in all walks of life, including college students. If you’ve ever questioned whether your partner’s behavior is abusive, or you aren’t sure how to help a friend who is in an unhealthy relationship, explore the resources below. 

USI Resources: 

Healthy relationships - information from the Counseling Center. 

Helping a friend in distress - Are you concerned about a friend? Learn how to respond and connect them with campus resources. 

Make the First Move - See something you're concerned about? Say something! Being an active bystander can help create a healthy and safe campus community. Learn how you can make the first move and intervene effectively.

Additional online resources:

Love is Respect Support, information and resources for young people who have questions or concerns about dating relationships. 

Cool / Not Cool Quiz - Do you know how to spot healthy and unhealthy behaviors in a relationship? Take this quiz to decide what's cool, and what isn't - and see what others think too. 

One Love Foundation - Founded in 2010 to honor the memory of Yeardley Love, One Love works with young people across the country to raise awareness about the warning signs of abuse and activate communities to work to change the statistics around relationship violence.

Circle of 6 App - A safety app that makes it simple to let others know when you need help. Need help getting home? Need an interruption? Two taps lets your circle know where you are and what they can do. 

Step Up - Learn more about being an active bystander, and how you can help directly and indirectly in a wide range of situations. 

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