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I.                   Duties of Officers

Section 1.

The President shall be responsible for overseeing all SAA programs; presiding over SAA Executive Board meetings and general meetings; correspondence with University representatives, alumni and other universities; serve as liaison to USI Alumni Council; periodically attend program committee meetings to provide feedback to officers; recruitment of membership and orientation; and coordination of officer selection process.

Section 2.

The Executive Vice President shall perform all presidential functions in the absence of the President; succeed the President if the presidency should become vacant during the regular term of office; assist the president and other officers; share in periodically attending SAA program meetings to give feedback; oversees all committees; and serve as a liaison and mentor to new and prospective members.

Section 3.

The Secretary shall keep an updated membership list; take minutes and attendance at general membership meetings and Executive Board Meetings; assist President and other officers; is responsible for tracking membership points and is responsible for keeping Orgsync up-to-date with the accurate information and all files uploaded.

Section 4.

The Chief Financial Officer shall manage the budget and recording of funds, coordinate recruitment events with Vice President of Recruitment; is responsible for creating an idealized budget for the targeted year in office that’s to be reported to the general membership meeting; and report the organizations fund balance to the general membership monthly.

Section 5.

The AVP of Recruitment shall coordinate all activities involving and/or related to recruitment; is responsible for welcome week events; will assist President and other officers with coordinating SAA events along with implementing new ideas.

Section 6.

The AVP of Public Relations shall coordinate all public relations, publicity, and promotional activities of the organization; is responsible for all advertisement’s and social media, including Facebook and Twitter along with creating events on social media including Orgsync; must seek approval from President, Executive Vice President or Adviser on all advertisements created before they’re published.


II.                Executive Board

Section 1.

All Executive Board members are required to attend general membership meetings, Executive Board meetings and all SAA functions unless absence is approved by the President or SAA advisors.

Section 2.

In the event an Executive member does not fulfill the duties and obligations of such position, the officer or program chair is subject to review and possible dismissal, by procedures described in Section VII of the by-laws, from the Executive Board as determined by the President, Executive Vice President, and SAA Advisers.


III.             Membership

Section 1. Student Alumni Association is a close membership.

Section 2. Collegiate Members are welcome into Student Alumni Association by applying through Student Alumni Association’s application process. After completing the form online, or in paper if requested by applicant, a interview must be completed through the VP of Recruitment.

  1. If VP of Recruitment cannot complete the applicant's interview, Vice President or the Student Adviser can conduct applicants interview.

Section 3. Active membership in SAA is obtained by earning a minimum of 15 points per semester and maintaining good standing with the university.               

Section 4. All attendance must be submitted on OrgSync anytime after the event to receive points.

Section 5. All points must follow our point system in the table shown below:



SAA Events


Alumni Association Events


Volunteer Events


Sporting Event/School Spirit Event





Section 6.           

If a SAA member does not complete the full amount of hours, or points fulfilled as set in Article 3, Section 3, the member must go through a review process set by VP of Recruitment, VP and President.

IV.              Dues

Section 1.

                  Students will not be required to pay membership dues.

V.                 Quorum

Section 1.

A quorum for general membership meetings shall be a simple majority of the active members present.

VI.              Committee Structure

Section 1.   Committees will be maintained by the Vice President. Three committees will be maintained on annual bases, and temporary committees can be appointed by VP.

Section 2. Committee One will be the Events Committee. The Events committee will be focusing on the SAA events as set by the SAA.

Section 3. Committee Two will be Membership Education and Recruitment. This committee will be focusing on helping the VP of recruitment share SAA standards, and strengthen the organization by showing means of SAA values.

Section 4. Committee Three will be the Public Relations committee that will aid the AVP of Public Relations. The Public Relations committee is solely focused on helping the events committee broadcast SAA events.   


VII.           Dismissal Proceedings of Executive Board

Section 1.

If an officer or chair does not fulfill the duties and obligations of such office, the officer will be subject to review by the President, Executive Vice President, and SAA Advisors.

Section 2.

If negligence of the duties and obligations of office is determined by the President, Executive Vice President, and SAA advisors, impeachment is carried out.

Section 3.

Any vacated office shall be filled following the election procedure in Article V, Section 3, of the constitution.


VIII.        Amendments

Section 1.

These by-laws and constitution may be amended at any regular general membership meeting with quorum by two-thirds vote of active members that the amendment has been submitted in writing at the previous business meeting.


IX.              Parliamentary Guides

Section 1.

The parliamentary authority of this organization shall be Robert’s Rules of Order

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