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Constitution and By-laws

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The Student Alumni Association was founded in 1989 “to provide a 'link with the future' for current students, to work with the Alumni Association in developing loyalty and support of the University, and to encourage interaction among alumni, parents, faculty, current and prospective students and the community.” SAA planned to work in conjunction with the Student Ambassador Organization to serve as “official University hosts and hostesses” as well as participate in fundraising activities for the annual budget and the USI Annual Telefund.

The first official SAA meeting was held November 1, 1989. Alumni Affairs Director, Nancy Johnson and Admissions Counselor, Kathy Scheller served as co-advisors to the organization. Nominations and elections were held to elect the first officers of SAA and 11 members were present. Those in attendance discussed potential activities including homecoming, the Telefund Drive, a senior reception and dinner, USI’s 25th Anniversary picnic and the event “A Day on the Job” with Alumni. A constitution and by-laws were drafted then approved at a general meeting on November 29, 1989.

Today, SAA has grown to 42 members known as “tradition keepers.” The Student Alumni Association still participates in events from its founding such as Breakfast with the President and has added many more events and traditions to spark spirit and tradition as well as loyalty and support for USI. The Student Ambassador Organization continues to grow, but as a separate organization from SAA.

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