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Tuition and Fees

USI students

Scholarship and Financial Aid Estimator

2018-2019 Annual Undergraduate Tuition

Indiana Resident
$258.96/credit hour

RN to BSN online completion: $297/credit hour

$628.55/credit hour
Non-Resident Reciprocity (KY)

RN to BSN online completion: $297/credit hour

Program fees in addition to current tuition rates:

  • Computer Science Program fee:  $75/credit hour
  • Engineering Undergraduate Program Fee:  $75/credit hour for Engineering courses 200-level and above
  • Health Informatics Program fee:  $50/credit hour
  • Nursing Program Fee (BSN): $40/credit hour
Graduate Tuition

Indiana Resident
$385.00/credit hours

Master of Business Administration Online: $430/credit hour

$754.32/credit hour

Master of Business Administration Online: $430/credit hour

Program fees in addition to current tuition rates:

  • Master of Science in Nursing:  $100/credit hour
  • Master of Science in Occupational Therapy:  $100/credit hour
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice:  $150/credit hour
Mandatory Fees

University Services Fee
$30 (8 or more credit hours per semester)
$22.75 (4-7 credit hours per semester)
$10 (3 or less credit hours per semester)

Estimate $570 per semester

Other Fees

One-time Fees
Application Fee: $40
Assessment Fee: $125
Enrollment Fee: $150
Matriculation Fee $175 (used for Orientation and Welcome Week activities paid by all new students
who register for classes regardless of actual attendance).

Transportation and Parking Fee per semester

  • $135.00 (8 or more credit hours)
  • $110.00 (more than 3 and fewer than 8 credit hours)
  • $80.00 (3 or fewer hours)

Online Learning Fees
$50 fee per Online Learning course

$30, per hour, non-Indiana resident delivery fee for students taking Online Learning courses only.  This fee is in addition to the $50 fee per course.

Deaconess Office Visit Plan
$70 per semester
New incoming students living in University Housing are required to subscribe.

Student Activity Fee
$100 per semester

Laboratory Fees
$50-$75 per semester

Counseling Services Fee
$25 per semester (excludes Online Learning students)

Housing (all prices include cable, utilities, phone per semester)

Campus Apartments
Two-person/two-bedrooms: $4,253 (limited availability)
Two-person/one-bedroom: $2,888 (limited availability)
One-person/one-bedroom: $5,322 (limited availability)

Housing Activity Fee:  $25

Residence Halls (Freshmen only)
Four-person/two-bedroom suite: $2,403
One-person/one-bedroom studio: $2,888 (limited availability)

Housing Activity Fee:  $25

Meals (per semester)

Eagle Meal Plans (Red, White or Blue): $2,148
Students in residence halls must choose Red, White, or Blue Eagle Meal Plans.

Metal Meal Plans
Titanium: $1,268
Platinum: $990
Gold: $778

"Do-it-yourself" Home Cooking*
$900 per semester

*Based on $50 a week spent at the grocery store. This is not a meal plan but rather an estimate of what students may spend on groceries for the semester.

Personal Expenses
Additional personal expenses are difficult to assess. Amounts will vary according to individual financial situations and needs. A student living on campus should budget approximately $750 for transportation costs, and an off-campus student should budget approximately $1,354.

Taking most costs into account, an undergraduate student who is a resident of Indiana can expect to pay an estimated $17,500 for tuition, room and board during the 2018-2019 school year.

Please visit the Cost of Attendance webpage to view the current University of Southern Indiana projected cost of attendance.

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