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     Friday, September 19, 2014  

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  • Day, Week, and Month Tabs - You have the option of viewing calendar events by day, by week, or by month. "Day," "Week," and "Month" tabs are on the left side of the screen just above the red banner. The calendar is automatically set on the "Day" tab. Click on either the "Week" or the "Month" tab to change views.

  • "Events For" and "Event Type" Drop Down Boxes - The calendar automatically displays all listed events, but you can limit your search on the date(s) selected by utilizing the drop down boxes located in the center of the red banner.
    • Use "Events For" to limit your search to a specific group
      (i.e. - Alumni, Faculty, Staff).
    • Use "Event Type" to limit your search to a specific subject
      (i.e. - Athletics, Arts and Entertainment, Noncredit Classes)


  • Enter a Month, Day, and Year in the drop down boxes on the left side of the page. Click the "Jump to" button


  • Click on a date in the calendars provided for the current month and the following month. Click on the name of the event for more detailed information.
(Note: In "Week" view, events are always listed from Sunday through Saturday.)


  • Click the "Sign In" icon on top right of the page.

  • Enter your MyUSI user name and password.
    (If you don't have your password, go to and click "Need your password?")

  • Successful login will take you to the Events Manager page.

  • Click "Submit an event" in the blue box on the left side of the page.

  • Fill in the following information:
    1. HEADLINE: List the name of the event, speaker, or portion of the event that will attract the most attention.
    2. DATE EVENT BEGINS: Enter date.
    3. TIME: Select one of the following options:
      • Click on "All Day" if an event will last the entire day.
      • Click on "Specific time" if you know the time of the event, then specify that time in the area provided.
    4. LOCATION: Choose from the drop down box or enter a location if it is not an option in the drop down box.
    5. DETAILS ABOUT EVENT: Use this section to list any information about the presentation you wish to highlight (i.e. - background about the event, biographical information of the featured speaker).
    6. EVENT TYPE: Select one of the following options:
      • Academic calendar - Official University dates such as start and end of the semester, early registration dates, final exam dates, etc.
      • Alumni events - Used by Alumni Affairs and Volunteer Services and Advancement
      • Arts and entertainment - Covers a wide range of areas from theatre productions and concerts to art shows and films
      • Athletics - Used by Sports Information to post intercollegiate sporting events
      • Career Services and Job Fair events - Used by Career Services and Placement
      • Health and Wellness - Primarily used by staff of the Fitness and Recreation Center to post information about intramurals. Also available for other applicable events.
      • Lecture, meeting, and conference dates - Covers a wide range of areas such as guest speakers, panel discussions, and conferences
      • Noncredit classes - Used by Extended Services and Continuing Education
      • Staff schedule and holidays - Used by Human Resources
      • Student events - Used by Student Development and student organizations on campus
    7. PRIMARY SPONSOR: Select the appropriate primary sponsor from the drop down box.
    8. CONTACT INFORMATION: Enter the name, e-mail address, and phone number of the event's primary contact person.
    9. EVENT COST: If there will be a cost to attend, please enter specifics if cost varies for students and non-students.
    10. WEB PAGES: Enter pertinent links that may supply interested parties with additional information
    11. INTENDED AUDIENCE FOR THIS EVENT: Check all that apply.
      • Click the "Yes" button if you would like News and Information to further publicize the event.
    12. CHECK ALL INFORMATION AND CLICK "ADD EVENT": The information will be sent to an approver before it is posted; expect the approval process to be no more than a day.


  • Click the "Events I've Submitted" link to access a list of events you have submitted.
  • Click "Submission Date" or "Date Appears" to sort your entries accordingly. Scroll down to find the event you want to update or change and click the EDIT option in the far right column.

    • Make changes to the submission form

    • Click "Add Event." The event will be sent back to the approver


  • Click the "Search Events" link and submit a portion of the title or headline. Scroll down to find the event you want to update or change and click the EDIT option in the far right column.

    • Make changes to the submission form

    • Click "Add Event." The event will be sent back to the approver


The USI online calendar provides information regarding USI events. Readers are able to search for event information or browse events using a variety of event types.

Calendar events must be submitted electronically via the online event submission form, following the appropriate submission and approval processes. To be posted, calendar events must meet these guidelines:

  • Events must be associated with USI, its schools, departments, and programs.
  • Calendar submissions should be event oriented rather than news items.
  • Reminders and other follow-up submissions are not permitted
  • Events must affect more than just the members of an individual department. For example, a departmental staff meeting is not appropriate; however, the spring faculty meeting is appropriate.

Calendar of Events submission and approval procedures
University departments, schools, offices, and registered student organizations* can submit information to the calendar. Members of the campus community are eligible to submit information to the calendar using their MyUSI login credentials. People who submit calendar entries are referred to as authors. Content will be reviewed before being posted online.

Authors are responsible for the content and accuracy of the submission. Postings cannot include profanity, references to alcoholic beverages, or material contrary to the mission of the University of Southern Indiana. Calendar postings must adhere to University of Southern Indiana's Appropriate Use Policy.

* Registered student organizations are permitted to enter their events via the online event submission form. The organization's advisor must approve the posted events before they are submitted. Registered student organizations are expected to comply with any additional policies and regulations of the Student Development office.

The University may permit exceptions to these guidelines and may develop additional guidelines as appropriate.

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