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Mapping to the Web Server

Umbraco users, you do not need to map a drive to the web server. To access your site, visit

Once your access is approved to the USI web server, and you have web editing software installed on your computer, you will need to "map" your computer to your department folder on the web server. This new drive will give you access to the web pages and directories in your department. You will only need to map to the server once for each folder.

Mapping from Windows

  1. To map a Network Drive in Windows: Go to "Start" --> "Computer"

  2. In your toolbar across the top, click the "Map a Network Drive” option.

  3. When the drive mapping dialog box appears, it defaults to a certain available drive letter.  If you want to change it, do so.

  4. In the text box, type:
    Example: \\wwwprem\wwwroot\science\geology

  5. Click "Finish" or "OK" at the bottom of the dialog box.

At this point you should see your files listed as the drive letter you selected in step 3.

Mapping from a Mac

  1. To connect a network drive on a Mac, you choose "Go" from the Finder menu (top left side of screen).  From the Go menu, choose Connect to Server

    OR  Use the keyboard shortcut  Command-K

  2. In the server address, type our server info as follows:  smb://wwwprem/wwwroot/foldername
    replace foldername with the path to your directory.
    Example:   smb://wwwprem/wwwroot/business/accounting/

  3. Click Connect

  4. When prompted, supply your USI ID (aka your Outlook username) and password.

  5. Click Connect again when those credentials have been entered.

This will mount the folder as a drive icon on your desktop and open the folder in a new Finder window.

When you are done, find the drive icon on your desktop, right click it. Choose the "Eject" option.

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