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(International Studies & Political Science)

TR 1 edit

Student Support Services has done nothing but be the loving support system I have needed since I started at the University of Southern Indiana. They were the driving force that kept me here and inspired me to continue my dreams. Because of sessions with Heather, I have organized my four-year plan for my double majors in Political Science and International Studies, and now I will be able to graduate a semester early in Fall 2016! SSS has also provided me an opportunity to be able to work and be a mentor to other mentees who have needed help transitioning to college. The advisors in Student Support Services will do whatever they can to help you as long as you are willing to put in the work, and I will be forever grateful for everything they have done for me!


(Social Work)

CP 1 edit

Going back to Directions College, I loved the mentorship and encouragement I had from the very start! That has not stopped since I transitioned into the Student Support Service program.  Being involved in the SSS, I have made friends who are always looking at the best in me, encouraging my dreams and complimenting my hard work in everything, not just education.  This program will benefit anyone who allows themselves to apply the resources offered by SSS.  The program is focused on students and how they can become a better program for the students! I love SSS, and will forever be grateful for all the support Erin Dunn (previous worker), Theresa Ohning, Heather Bauer, and Aaron Pryor have given me!


(Social Work)

CSB 3 edit

If you are just having the worst day ever, and you just want to cry—go to Heather. She has candy, a massage chair, anything you could think of—she has it. She also has a great ear for listening. No matter the problem, she will help or find someone who can. If you’re stressed out and you just can’t figure out why or what do—go to Aaron. He knows soooo much about how to better your life and yourself. Need organized? Theresa is there to get you back on track and make a system that works for you. The key to this whole thing is to just ask for help. Don’t be afraid of what they will say or think or any of that. Just ask and it will all work out.


(French Studies & International Studies)

TD 1 edit

I’m forever grateful for the opportunities SSS provided me during my time at USI and even after graduation. SSS encouraged me in many ways---by setting me up with tutors when having difficulties with classes or helping me financially by providing me with scholarship opportunities. In short, SSS is one of the best resources at USI, and having a team of people who are passionate about my education is all the motivation I needed to succeed! Joining the SSS family was one of the best decisions I’ve made!



JR 1 edit

SSS has been of the utmost help in my college experience. SSS has been a home away from home on the campus and has been extremely supportive of my academic progress and social/cultural connections at USI. Without SSS I surely would not have done as well as I have done so far adjusting to college life. On top of all of the support that has been given to me they have also offered many opportunities that have proved to be invaluable in my life whether it be beneficial academically or just in general. I look forward to further involvement with such a wonderful program.

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