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Preparing for the Placement Test

Reviewing the subject areas before taking the tests can lead to a more accurate placement. USI uses the ACCUPLACER placement test by Collegeboard, and the ACCUPLACER website can help you prepare.

Accuplacer tests are adaptive and points are awarded based on the level of difficulty of the questions you get right.

  • After a correct answer, the next question will be the same level or more difficult.
  • After an incorrect answer, the next question will be the same level or easier.


This untimed test begins with 12-14 elementary algebra problems that cover algebra 1 and 2. The test will also contain some geometry questions. Depending on your score on the elementary algebra questions, you might trigger a second test, College Level Math. This test contains 20-22 questions and covers material learned in all levels of high school math.

To place into MATH 114 (Quantitative Analysis), MATH 111 (College Algebra) or higher, you need to do very well on the Elementary Algebra test and also complete the College Level Math test.


The untimed Reading Comprehension test contains 20-22 questions. You will be given a passage to read and then multiple choice questions about it to answer.


The writing placement test gives you a writing prompt; you then will have 50 minutes to develop your thoughts and write an essay responding to that prompt. The essay will be read and scored by members of the English department.

Foreign Language

The foreign language test was written by members of the Department of Modern and Classical Languages and is given using the ACCUPLACER platform. This 50 question test is not an adaptive test. It usually takes around 20 minutes to complete.

Note: We do not use My Foundations, also included on the ACCUPLACER website, as part of placement testing.

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