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Placement Testing in Mathematics

Mandatory placement for all entry-level mathematics courses is required by the Department of Mathematics. The appropriate level of course for a student is determined by a mathematics placement test; therefore, students should give their best effort when taking this test.

Students may be exempt from taking the math placement test, based on the following:

  • a math SAT score of at least 660 (640 on the previous version of the SAT) or Math ACT score of at least 29
  • a high school GPA of at least a 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) and Math SAT score of least 620 (600 on the previous version of the SAT) or Math ACT score of at least 26
  • transfer credit for Quantitative Reasoning (MATH 114) or higher.

A student exempt from placement testing may, with assistance from an advisor, select the math course that best meets the requirements of his or her program of study.

All other students must take a math placement test.

The math placement tests are administered using ACCUPLACER, a computerized assessment system.

  • The test is untimed, allowing students to work at their own pace.
  • No calculators are permitted on the math section, but scratch paper and pencils are provided.
  • ACCUPLACER provides an adaptive testing environment. This means that if a student answers correctly, the next question will be at the same level or more difficult. If a student answers incorrectly, the next question will be at the same level or easier.
  • Students will take 1 or 2 math tests, depending on their score on the first test. To place into the math class that satisfies the core curriculum, students should take both math tests. Whether or not a student takes the second test is determined by the score on the first test; therefore, students should put forth their best effort on the first test.

Math placement recommendations will vary based on a student’s background in mathematics. Course placements can range from Algebra Review (GENS 097) to Calculus I (MATH 230).

Questions about taking the math placement test should be directed to Nancy Myers in Academic Skills at 812/464-1743 or Questions regarding mathematics courses can be directed to Rick Hudson, Math Department Chair, at 812/465-1241 or

Education Center Room 1111   812/464-1743

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