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General Studies Course Descriptions

GENS 097 - Algebra Review

This three-hour, non-credit course begins with a review of fractions, then moves quickly to the language of algebra: order of operations, exponents, positive and negative numbers, linear equations, polynomials, and factoring. Credit in this course will not apply to a degree. Students whose math placement scores meet the University's established readiness level for GENS 097 may enroll. Students with math scores below the University's established readiness level for this course may enroll only with the Academic Skills Coordinator's permission.

GENS 098 - Strategies for Writers

This three-hour, non-credit course will provide opportunities to learn and practice strategies for responding to college writing assignments. Students will practice strategies for focusing, organizing, developing, and revising their work, with special attention to learning editing strategies for standard grammar, usage, and expression. The grammar emphasis in this course, will occur in response to student work, which will include journals and teacher assigned writing. Credit in this course will not apply to a degree. Students whose high school GPA and Verbal SAT or English ACT scores meet the University's established readiness level for GENS 098 may enroll.

GENS 099 - Skills for College Reading

This non-credit course introduces students to specific reading skills for improving literal and critical reading comprehension in preparation for the demands of college-level reading.  In addition, an emphasis will be placed on vocabulary development through knowledge and skill of context clues, word awareness strategies and through various readings. Credit in this course will not apply to a degree.  Students whose SAT Critical Reading or ACT Reading scores meet the University’s established level of readiness for GENS 099 may enroll in this course. Students should not enroll in a reading-intensive class while taking this course. Students who begin their reading placement in GENS 099 will be required to enroll in the subsequent reading course, GENS 151, in order to be prepared for academic textbook reading.

GENS 151 - Academic Reading Strategies (3)

In order to be successful in college, students must be able to read, comprehend, synthesize, and process large amounts of information. This course emphasizes the before, during, and after active reading strategies necessary for learning information across the academic disciplines.  In addition, students will be encouraged to become self-regulated learners and will demonstrate their understanding of the strategies through practice and application on college-level textbook reading.  Students should enroll in a reading intensive course (i.e. history, sociology, political science) as a companion for applying the reading strategies. This three-credit hour course counts as elective credit toward graduation.  Prereq:  Successful completion of GENS 099 or appropriate placement based on SAT Critical Reading or ACT Reading scores.

UNIV 101 - Freshman Seminar

This one-hour, elective credit course is an introduction to the University of Southern Indiana and the undergraduate experience with a specific focus on introducing the intellectual, personal, and social aspects of University life. Students will discuss issues of values and behavior in the college setting, discover what resources are available to them, and learn to take responsibility for their own learning. This class is highly interactive and employs a variety of teaching styles.

GENS 105 - College Study Strategies

This one-hour, elective credit course helps students in need of better study skills, assess their current approach to studying and offers suggestions and practice to improve study methods. The course topics include time management, note-taking from lectures and textbooks, preparing for exams, listening, following directions, memory and concentration, test anxiety and organization. GENS 105 is open to all students for elective credit in all degree programs.

GENS 111 - Career Planning

This one-hour, elective credit course is designed to increase self-awareness, familiarize participants with informational resources available to help in career planning, and provide individualized assistance with career decision making. Would benefit any student who is undecided about major or career choice.

GENS 199 - Special Topics in Study Strategies

These one-hour, elective credit courses focus on an intensive study of specialized topics in study strategies. Each course is open to all students and repeatable with a change in course content. Topics may include:

  • Advancing Vocabulary
  • Speed Reading
  • Getting On Course
  • Math Study Skills

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