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General Studies Courses

General studies classroom

These college foundation courses offered to students in all majors can help them meet the demands of college-level work. Non-credit courses in Algebra Review (GENS 097), Strategies for Writers (GENS 098), and Skills For College Reading (GENS 099) prepare students by giving them the skills essential for success in college classes. Academic Reading Strategies (GENS 151) is a three-hour elective credit course that helps students prepare for a university reading load.

Academic Skills also offers one-hour elective-credit courses that help students get off to a sound academic start. Topics in these classes include:

  • UNIV 101: Freshman Seminar
  • GENS 105: College Study Strategies
  • GENS 111: Career Planning
  • GENS 199: Special Topics such as Speed Reading, Advancing Vocabulary, and Math Study Skills

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