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Student Organization Awards

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President of the Year 
This award is to honor a student organization president who has shown exceptional commitment to his/her organization.  Qualified candidates will possess strong leadership skills, a high degree of integrity, and have had an overall positive impact on their organization.

Eligibility criteria for 2017:
Student organizations can nominate any student who was president of their organization during any portion of the 2016-2017 academic school year.

Advisor of the Year 
This award is to honor the student organization advisor who has demonstrated outstanding contributions with his/her time and expertise.  

Eligibility criteria for 2017:
Student organizations can nominate any individual who has volunteered his/her time to advise the organization outside of their regular job duties at the University. 

Silent Inspiration 
This award is given to a student who has served his or her organization in an unassuming and quiet manner. This award is for a student who has not yet held a leadership role, but through a commitment of time and energy he or she has made an impact on the organization and the University community.

Eligibility criteria for 2017:
The student is nominated by his/her peers or advisor for this award, without the nominee’s knowledge.

Student Organization Initiative Awards
The Student Organization Initiative Awards recognizes student organizations who have sponsored an campus event or taking on an initiative that deserves public recognition. Initiative Categories are:

- Diversity Engagement
- Campus Impact
- Community Outreach 
- Campus Collaboration   

Eligibility criteria for 2017:
Any student organization registered with Student Development Programs at the University of Southern Indiana may apply or be nominated for this award. 


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