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The SGA Grant Committee reviews all applications for grants and makes recommendations to the General Assembly. Below are the types of grants you or your student organization can apply to receive. All applications are available on the Student Government Association EagleSync page.  Follow this link  to submit an application.


Travel Grants are awarded to students and organizations that are traveling to conferences and competitions that better the student and bring back useful information for the university.

Student Organization Support (SOS)

SOS Grants are awarded to organizations that want to hold an event.


Start-Up Grants are for new organizations that have been approved to organize by Student Development Programs.


The Deadline for Spring 2018 are as follows:

January 31st

February 28th

March 31st

April 17th

The committee will meet in the conference room of the SGA office within a week of those dates. Applicaticants will be contacted with an exact date and time for the meeting. Applicants are encouraged to come and talk to the committee about their application at the start of the meeting. If you are unable to attend the meeting, feel free to email the Chief Financial Officer with a brief statement. 

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