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Survey Results

The University of Southern Indiana (USI) Teacher Education Department offers programs in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Special Education, P-12 Education, and Secondary Education. Teacher candidates who graduate from these comprehensive and rigorous programs are well prepared to accept the professional responsibilities of highly qualified educators.

Voices of Teacher Candidates

Teacher candidates appreciate that professors have P-12 classroom experiences. “I am grateful to have had so many experienced professors with credible backgrounds to guide my experience in the education program.” Another teacher candidate commented that, “Throughout the program, I believe I've made tremendous growth as an aspiring educator. I've enjoyed many of the classes I've taken at USI and walk away with positive relationships with many of my instructors. I believe I've been equipped with the knowledge to make a difference.” 

Teacher candidates are placed in classroom settings during each phase of their preparation giving them the opportunity for “real life teaching experiences.” Teacher candidates appreciate the many and varied experiences in the area P-12 classrooms. Teacher candidate comments include, “All of the field experiences were wonderful, and I really felt that they prepared me for student teaching and my future teaching job.”

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Voices of Alumni

Graduates who are currently teaching are very satisfied with the training they received from USI. Graduates rated USI’s teacher education programs as outstanding. The programs provided a rigorous learning environment and provided an understanding of how students learn. Graduates were prepared to analyze student assessment data to improve instruction. In addition, they learned how to create inclusive learning environments. Comments from alumni include, “I learned so many great things from this program. I thank you for the opportunities you have given me!” Review our Alumni Surveys here.

Voices of Principals

Principal Surveys  indicate that USI teacher education  graduates are knowledgeable  in their  content area, know how to provide  an inclusive and  rigorous learning environment, can develop specific  assessments to test for student understanding and use the data to ensure that  all students learn.  Comments  from principals  include, “USI does an outstanding  job of getting their students in  classrooms early as the process and making sure they have a variety of experiences.” Review our Principal Surveys here.

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