University of Southern Indiana

College Award Recipients

Excellence Award: 

2017 Recipients:

Excellence in Teaching Awards – Dr. Joy Howard - Teacher Education

Excellence in Scholarship Award – Dr. Julian Davis - Engineering

Excellence in Service Award – Mr. Dave Ellert -Engineering

Excellence in Advising Award – Dr. Glenna Bower - Kinesiology and Sport


 Innovation Award:

2017 Recipients:

  • Dr. Christos Deligkaris - “Using Online Videos to Promote Active-Learning and Student Success”
  • Dr. Farid El Breidi - “Designing and Building Hydraulic and Pneumatic Mini-Excavators”
  • Dr. Adam Tennant - “Expansion of Peer Mentoring Program for Freshman Engineering Course”
  • Dr. Tony Maria Pott College Innovation Seed Award:  GEOL 390- Geological Field Excursion to Iceland                            


2017 Recipients:

  • Dr. Art Chlebowski - “Design, Fabrication, and Implementation of an Inertial Based Motion Detection System for use in Repetitive Motion Injury”
  • Dr. Christos Deligkaris - “Molecular-Level Insight into Binding or a Tobacco Carcinogen (NNK) with a Human Tumor Suppressor Gene (TP53): Implications for DNA Damage, Mutagenesis and Carcinogenesis”
  • Dr. Alyssa Weatherholt & Dr. Guoyuan Huang - “Acute Hemodynamic Responses Before, During and After a Bout of Cycling”

Majors As Home Grant Awards:

MAHA 2017 Geology Workshop           

MAHA 2017 Teacher Ed CASA Testing          

MAHA 2017 Kinesiology Facility Tour

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