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Zombie Brain Drain
The Zombie Brain Drain 5k is a run with a twist. Prior to the race, participants will be given three flags representing their health. Through the race, Zombies will be after the participant’s flags and out to eat their brains. Obstacles will be set-up along the way to challenge the participants when they are not being chased by the Zombies.  Time does not matter but the participants need to run as quickly as possible throughout the Zombie zones before the horde of the undead claim them as one of their own.

2014 Dates: October 25, 2014 

USI Screaming Eagles Running Series
The focus of this series is to increase the health and well-being of the Evansville community while also providing hands-on experience for students in the Sport Management program. Through these three races, USI will join forces with local organizations and businesses to develop partnerships that will potentially boost community participation on the USI campus.

The 2015 Screaming Eagles Running Series will offer three family-oriented road races: a 5K in February, a 7K in March, and a 10K in April. Each race will be held in the vicinity of the USI campus. The Spring into Fitness 10K will feature a full-round trip on the 3-mile Burdette bike path.

2015 Dates:

  • 5K Hearts on Fire - February 14, 2015 ($20 by Feb 1, late registration $25 after Feb 1)
  • 7K Run of Luck - March 14, 2015 ($20 by Mar 8, late registration $25 after Mar 8)
  • 10K Spring into Fitness - April 11, 2015 ($20 by Apr 5, late registration $25 after Apr 5)


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