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Leased and Rental Vehicles

What you need to know about leased and rented vehicles...

To rent a vehicle, please contact Katie Greenwell at 812-464-1700. Katie will inform you of the procedure for renting a vehicle.  Keys shall be picked up in the Physical Plant, which is open 24 hours a day. Rental agencies require drivers to be a minimum age of 21 and have at least five years licensed driving experience, preferably having taken a defensive driver training course (through Risk Management).

USI's business auto insurance covers rented automobiles.  You DO NOT need to purchase the additional insurance they might offer.

The purpose of the Motor Vehicle Safety Program is to ensure the safe operation of University owned or leased motor vehicles, ensure the safety of the drivers and passengers, to minimize the physical damages to our fleet and reduce third party claims made against the University.

It is the University's policy that all University-owned or leased vehicles are operated in a safe and responsible manner. All vehicle operators must possess a valid state drivers license. Drivers should also report accidents immediately to Motor Vehicle Operations and Risk Management, successfully complete an online drivers safety training programs and ensure that the vehicles they operate have received routine maintenance.

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